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van randomly quits running

what will cause this van to back fire and lose presser

mu dodge van needed afuel pump i relpaced it and it has been back firing and want go ovr ten miles i changed the converter on it but i am now lost

this vehicle spins when ignition is turned on but will not start

when in highway, th over drive does not connect even reaching high vehicle speed and hir engine RPM

one day the temperature gauge completely stopped working.
Everything else works and the van runs great.

cannot get spark or fuelpump to engage changed ecu still nothing what can it be?

I'm hearing a vibational sound when I take my foot off of the accelerator, while slowing down. If I start braking, the noise disappears, & no noise during acceleration, only occurs during de-acceleration. (Recently had CA. smog check, passed, but started immediately afterwards. Coincidence?) The sound is similar to the sound you would hear while de-accerating with snowtires on in the summer, only it's getting louder and with a stronger vibation each time I drive it. (It's only been a few days.) Help, PLEASE!!! THANKS!

how do i get the wiper blade arms off?

I get a lot of vacume through the engine oil fill tube. If I push the cap back on it makes the engine pulsate . I checked the pvc,,air cleaner,,and vacume lines..It just seams to have to vacume ..

I own a Dodge Ram Wagon B250 LE with 57000 miles.I cannot drive the van because is rusted out on the front left side.Can this van be fix.If not How I can find a BODY with no rust and swap all the mechanical parts from my Van in this new BODY
Thank you

going down the road front wheels shakes the whole van

front left frame is rusted out and unsafe to drive.Can this be fix it?If not,where I can find a Body so I can swap all the mechanical parts(57000 miles and all in top shape) in a non rusted Body?
Thank you for your help

where is fule filter for this cargo van

I have no power to the green wire on passenger side under rear bumper with ignition on. Should there be constant power there or just a pulse until key is in cranking position? Also, can pump relay on firewall be replaced with a standard automotive relay? I see the stock relay has no connector in the middle position as on a standard relay. Lastly, there is an empty gray relay socket near the center of the firewall. Before knowing the location of the fuel pump relay, I plugged a standard relay into it--could this have fried the fuel pump relay, fuel pump, or another component that would cause no fuel to get to the throttle body?

Need help before I just buy the fuel pump, I did the above and a fuel filter and air filter..backfires and makes a loud hissing noise before it dies..runs when pouring gas in carb..+il guage drops and red lighT when key is on..only shows pressure when cranking..will run barely after sitting for a day..

We replaced the transmission but it won't turn over. Suggested the wires are not properly hooked up. Need diagram to doublecheck.

I changed the switch, fan motoer and resistor. Now it blows on low and you can hear the fan increasing speed but the air flow out the vents does not increase. Where is the air door located and how does it operate? (vacum, cable or elec?)

I couldn't find correct fuel filter . then taking off old filter one end wouldn't come loose . So i cut it . now i found out the rubber hose is lined with a vinyl line . Dodge doesn't offer the lines any more. None is dealer stock. Tried to find repair kit no luck . what now ??

Injector #7 control circuit. How do you repair it.

when i frist start the van it runs fine after about 3/4 miles it wont take gas and backfires when i try to give it gas and the longer it runs the worst it get until it just stops let it set for awhile and its fine for a little bit and then goes back to the same thing could it be the cat. is bad ?

Sometimes the engine won't turn over in park and I have to put it in neutral to turn it over

Can anyone please tell me where the fuel pump relay is located? I assume it's the relay...turn the key, engine turns over but won't start. With the key turned on, there is a clicking noise under the hood, if the temp is warm enough outside, it clicks for a few minutes, when the clicking stops the fuel pump fires up, then the engine starts. If not the relay, any ideas what that clicking is? And yea, where is that relay on this dang thing?

Hi our low milege van is a auto,cruise,intermittent wipers and the steering column has been damaged, It was working great intil a shop broke it for us working on another job.
The steering wheel has a lot of play in it at the point of the tilt pivot, it can be moved up, down, left and right and has alot of play in it, im not sure what has been broken and would greatly appreciate any feed back on what it could be and any information about how to fix it and where i cauld source the parts, Thank you heaps.

my van is a 1983 dodge v6 , my heater is not working

My 1993 dodge ram 250 conversion van,was running great with a oil change, filter, new fuel pump and fuel filter, but today, it didn't seem like it was getting enough fuel, was losing power poping and it sounded different sometimes than it usually does. What might it be? Thanks

i have nothing telling me what fuse goes where

have new altanator-still not charging-voltage reg. in computer.where is computer located

got to replace fuel filter and pump in the tank how do I know what size tank is?

Odometer and trip meter stoped working. Speedometer is ok.