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Voltage reg
Hello I got a friend who's got a 1994 Dodge ram 250 van. Checked the starter. It's okay. The motor cranks over when the ignition is off. Hooked up a test light to battery. So it's saying something is on when we don't know where the short or whatever is located. I'm thinking it's the relay or the ignition. Thanks!
When you go to start my vehicle, 1992 B250 Dodge Van 3.9L, it will not kick off first thing in the morning when it is completely cold. You can take some carburetor cleaner and remove the air filter top and squirt just a bit into the throttle body and it will kick right off. Once it starts, it will continue to start all day as long as it never cools completely off. I have changed some thing and checked connections, not the MAP sensor yet but its next. I am going to check the O-rings on the injectors also. Seems like the old carburetored engines when the accelerator pump is not pumping gas when you first try to start the engine but this is an injected engine so it is an animal of a different color.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
why don't I have any spark
airflow turns from cold to hot to cold
It turns on good, sounds good, put it in drive, it won't go.-- But put it in reverse And it go's, how do I fix what is wrong, or broke??
I've got a '94 Dodge Ram B250 that will drive forwards, in reverse, and will idle, but will not accelerate. I'm far from a mechanic, and am living out of/traveling in this vehicle, so I could REALLY use some help!
***This is everything I've had checked out and replaced***

New battery, spark plug wires, fuel pump, air filter, neutral safety switch, distributer cap, rotor, camshaft position sensor, ignition coil, and PCV valve.
All wiring has been checked and is connected, spark plugs are good, starter is good, tranny is good, engine is good, fuel injector is good, fuel pump relay is good, timing is good, computer is good, fuses are good, alternator was recently replaced. No check engine light, and no codes. All fluids are new and at their correct levels.
This vehicle does not have a catalytic converter. No codes, no check engine light.
The van will rev when I'm in idle and push on the gas pedal, but won't if I'm in drive, but will move forwards and in reverse, if that makes sense. There's no other way I can explain it.

There is also a loud blowing/slight whispering noise that sounds like it's coming from the intake manifold.
i replaced the windshield wiper motor but the wipers are still not working . all the fuses are good . the windshield washer will work but not the wipers
Adding. Starter fluid
Replace relays and it still won't start
Rusty water drips out front just happened now along with steam and hissing
Bought this 94 ram van 250 with only 61,000 miles. It started, ran and drove fine for a few days then wouldnt crank. Mechanic is puzzled because hes replaced fuel pump, fuel relay, start relay (now has universal start relay). Got it home and it ran and drove fine for a few days and its repeating the same problems. I heard that these vans are bad about computer problems. Mechanic says to rewire the whole van. I just dont know and need answers. I heard i can replace those parts a hundred times but will never fix the issue sooo whats my issue?
head lights turn signals dome lights brights. work but no dash lights what could be the problem? 1988 dodge b 250 cargo van
1988 b 250 cargo van no dash lights
The motor control or engine control unit in my 5.9l v8 1993 b250 van has gone out

I cant locate a replacement
Can these units be repaired, rebuilt or otherwise re-something
I need my van to be running and I have no idea what to do now?
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