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I just got done replacing the winners parts of the fuel pump inside fuel tank
At first the horn wasn’t working got it fixed it was fuses but the cruise control still not working. What could be wrong with it
There is only one burned out. The metal prongs in fuse#7 for air conditions are gone from a short I guess. Can it be replaced.
Voltage regulator behind alternator...
It will not pass Arizona emission they say it's oxygen levels how do I fix that
Easy. 4 bolts under each seat right? That's what I thought. Loosened one bolt, doesn't want to come out. Any advice? Are the bolts anchored underneath or something?
Seem to have the same issue as a lot of other folks I have replaced so far the following parts and still have the same existing issue. New ( Ignition switch, ECM Module, Coil, Coil pickup, rotor, cap, fuel pump, crankshaft sensor, fuel pump relay, auto shut-down relay.) This issue is costly and becoming extremely mind boggling. Vehicle won't start unless the engine light comes on. cold starting you have to play with the ignition turning it on and off until you hear a loud clicking noise coming from the ASD Relay and fuel pump relay where current seems to be bouncing back n forth. After the loud clicking comes to an end, the engine light starts to illuminate and once it gets bright and stays on, the vehicle fuel pump can be heard coming on and then it will start. Is there another relay on this vehicle? maybe an ignition relay? Ignition Feed relay? What about the Ignition lock cylinder? could any of these be the culprit?
Please be specific. Where is the starter rely located under the hood. I purchased a new one but no information on the net where to find the old one that needs replacing. 1983 dodge b250 van. Need to locate the starter rely. Where to find it.
The windshield wipers on my van stopped working, but the mechanism's motor still runs. I attempt to activate the wipers by adjusting the control switch and they remain still while I hear the motor working. How would I fix this, or better yet, where is the location of the wiper's mechanism in relation to the motor? Maybe the wipers became detached somehow?
Current seats are well worn, need to replace
Voltage reg
Hello I got a friend who's got a 1994 Dodge ram 250 van. Checked the starter. It's okay. The motor cranks over when the ignition is off. Hooked up a test light to battery. So it's saying something is on when we don't know where the short or whatever is located. I'm thinking it's the relay or the ignition. Thanks!
When you go to start my vehicle, 1992 B250 Dodge Van 3.9L, it will not kick off first thing in the morning when it is completely cold. You can take some carburetor cleaner and remove the air filter top and squirt just a bit into the throttle body and it will kick right off. Once it starts, it will continue to start all day as long as it never cools completely off. I have changed some thing and checked connections, not the MAP sensor yet but its next. I am going to check the O-rings on the injectors also. Seems like the old carburetored engines when the accelerator pump is not pumping gas when you first try to start the engine but this is an injected engine so it is an animal of a different color.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
why don't I have any spark
airflow turns from cold to hot to cold
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