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MP. All parts that will cause spark. Don't know what to do next
I have a new battery, alternator and computer. turn on the ac and it drops to nothing. what should I look for now. Even the head lights cause it to do the same. With out anything on runs great.
what are tune-up intervals ?
its like a sleeve is holding it in.
rep[lacing altenator can't pull the rousing out. the lower bolt assemble is stuck
I have a 2000 dodge ram 3500 8.0 v10, I remove the coil pack and a small connector that came from under the coil pack that attaches to a ground wire came off and I can't find it. There are 2 connectors that goes to the coil pack and the 3 small connector goes to the ground. Does anyone know the name of that metal piece that the connector goes to. That metal piece is actually screwed down by one of the bolts thats used to attach the coil pack to the engine.
Ok my starter went out I changed it van ran fine for a few days then stop turning over battery power is good starter is brand new what could this be
Sometimes my gauge's work and don't work. When it does works, and it starts, it will stay on for a few minutes and die, then the gauge's don't work again. I wait and try the van the next night same thing. I have changed the fuel filter, cleaned the gas tank, changed the IAC sensor, I have has a couple of so-called Machanic look at it, but they have no answers.
Have Codes P1765 and P0753 set on this vehicle, backs up fine, runs fine but shifts from low only once then will never down shift automatically or manually, just runs in 2nd and 3rd dont beleive Overdrive works light will come on but never feel overdrive engage, Only one relay in load center ! rest are fuses !
My turn signals (front nor back) , hazards (front nor back) and brake lights do not work. My bright lights work, my third (top) brake light works. Any suggestions on where to start looking?
i start the engine and it stalls, idle is bad and the fuel and black smoke is the greatest of the signs. The van is just a little across 50,000miles. Thanks
engine cranks no start. gauges no work, I followed instruction from a previos posts answers. I have 5v to tps, but only 2.38 to MAP. I disonect the crank,ps, turn key off 10 sec, no change,, same with cam position sensor.. I changed cam and crank position sensors, coil, cap rotor and wires. is it possible the ecm is bad? I don't wanna drop 400$ if I don't have to..please help also I am getting 5v to each of the cam and crank sensor conectors
After the engine is warm, the left turn signal or turning headlights on, triggers the windshield wipers to come on. When this occurs, neither the horn nor the cruise control work. I have had the master control arm on the steering column replaced but the problem persists. Probably and improper ground or short somewhere? Ideas?
fuse block clicks . first it saidf nobus so I changed the pcm that fixed it for awhile then it died while driving mech said ignition then o its a bad pcm no its ignition after that it ran for a week or so then wouldn't start mech said he couldn't figure it out what do ya think and where should I start also and get this when key is off completely I get out and shut the door the asd relay starts cklicking but only after I shut the door idk it did give a code once 920,999 sounds like it wants to start but wont when the circle around the p on the shifter pos is lit it would start but dies and that rlay in the dash starts clicking not the asd relay though not till its off and the door is shut any help or advise would be most apreciateded thank you
Windows fog as if recycle is on. Does not have recycle switch. Does this vehicle have a cabin air filter? Where is it located? Could the cabin air intake be plugged? Where is that located?
it starts with engine starter in carb, so the valve is not working any more. ??? where can i get one, does it have a fuse.
Shaking goes away when i take foot off of accelerator.
New computer, month in shop, relays replaced, ignition coil fuel pump checked, if asd relay is not by-passed van will run fine for apx 10 miles, then shuts down , will not start, gets towed home, sits for days then will start and problem repeats. Van runs fine when really is by passed..any ideas?
tech says problem with heads.runs fine and smooth at startup
and it wont start back up but you let it set a while then it will start back up and i change the fuel pump
2001 dodge Ram 3500 van runs but cuts out or dead when i give it gas. after i cut it off it will start then shut right off
have replaced fuel pump,fuses-ok, crank sensor,cam sensor,relay.ran for half hour,then died.cranks good cant hear pump ,wont start. what else could be wrong?
Do i actually need either of them? considering from what i have read when the accumulator spring goes it takes out the OD snap ring
My van is a B 3500 Class B RV with 300,000 miles. I always pull a 5 x 10 utility trailer with about 2500 lbs.
My dodge Van 3500-2001's shifter does not move, Is transmission going bad?

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