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Interior dome lights flicker on & off while driving.
I have turned and bumped headlight switch to make sure it wasn't engaging.
I've disconnect door switches independently one at a time Left/right/side/rear. all door switches pass ohms/continuity test to. how can i fix this : Interior dome lights flicker on & off while driving. Thanks you for your insight.

Will start and run fine then oil pressure indicator drops to 0, van will die, sometimes takes multiple attempts to restart.

horn quit working, relay does make clicking sound when horn button pressed. Is it the horn(s) or the relay?

Code idle air control cyl try's 2 clr code start 1 second light back on same code what to do?

If i keep my van under 45 mph my van doesnt shake at all.... if I get up to 45 mph or greater my van shakes and doesnt stop shaking. until I stop or park

i need to know if this car has a carburetor?

Can't locate where to add more mother oil.

give gas its bogs down like its starving for gas unhook fuel line from fuel has pressure

Stalls out

Need to see where the oil dip stick is located

I don't see where the dip stick I'd inserted to do maintenance.

Where the shackle would mount is rusted so I figured on welding plate steel to the area (after cleaning it good) and then welding spring to the new steel spring is currently thru floor board

I bought 3 pcm's in less then 3m for my 2002 dodge ram van 2500. I replaced my alternator 2x n my battery 3x but my Mechanic keeps saying I need a new pcm. Another guy said my pcm wires get hot n cuts my whole engine off while driving. Is there a cover for my pcm?

replaced fuel lift pump and started fine for twenty time but cranking longer progressed till no start. back to either

The cruise control will not engage. Power indicator does come on.

2002 Dodge maxi cargo van 2500 series replaced fuel pump tuned it up it's still cutting out going down the highway at an intersection doesn't matter I can't please help no check engine light is on what could've be ??

Chirping sound while acceleration. Sounds like near belts or pulleys. Or maybe valve cover area. Acceleration only and the more I accelerate the louder it becomes.

I think the thermostat is stuck in closed position.

Or the heater core is clogged.

The van would have load sceetch noises on and off and sometimes the sound would be like metal on metal I thought it would be the tension pulley. I have the belt off and the fan pulley and shaft can be moved up/down and i can't figure out how to remove the clutch part from the shaft. I think its this fan shaft that was causing the noise ? can I fix this or ? or am i in the crapper.

the van still won:t turn over

Wanting to change tran fiuld an filter, an for furture reference like to know.

All parts have been replaced, even the ECM a couple years ago. O2 sensor has been replaced 3 x's in 2 yrs. Ignition coil 2 x, crank sensor, plugs, complete fuel tank and filter change, some other type of sensors and still the problem continues. Just paid shop yesterday, problem was supposed to be fixed with another ignition coil and plugs, on the way home and work today, stalls while driving. Takes a few times to get it going again. Had Autozone last week say it was missing on 1, 3 and 5 and ignition coil issue. Just do not understand this. It is our only vehicle and we need it for work.

First time it ever happened

This is the reason my van didn't pass smog

I wiggle-remove and reinstall the wiring harness plugs [3 each] 2000 2500 van 5.9 and I'll hear the fuel pump engage ,fuel gage responds and start up. drive 15-30 minutes without warn stops. try to start and the gages[fuel,etc.] respond very,very slow a creep without start up. I'll go out and wiggle wiring harness and process repeats. I notice the control modular metal very hot

Why cant i change my own timing chain?

If i apply a little gas while i shift in to reverse it will not stall unless i back off the pedel,

Its has 4 way ABS instead of 2 and cant seem to get solid pedal even after bleeding brakes.Cant figure what to do next. Any suggestions!!