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Has troubles starting after sitting over night when it does start you have to give it gas until it warms up and runs fine after that and start up after
when in Drive, van can't hardly move. possible tranny slipping?
After replacing the water pump and the fan clutch car still runs hot with ac on. Or uphill in hot weather.
What more can it possibly be
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Ac on
How long have you had this problem? Months
Before this happened it back fire loss power cut off while driving won't crank over an stay on
Then I Noticed That The Ignition Switch If I Turned The Key Off,Pull It Out, Put It Back In Start It The Check Engine Light Was Out And The Trans. Shifted Fine. The AC Still Blows Hot Air. This Is My Sisters Car, And She Told Me That She Was Listening To A CD And When She Ejected It The CD Was Hot.. I Took It To Parts Store They Ran The Codes. And Told Me He Wouldn't Clear The Codes. And To Take It To A Trans Shop... I'm Thinking It's The Computer On It..
Hard To Explain... The Engine Is Not In A Pull.. And It's Not Slowing The Van Down. It's Like When Your Using The Cruise Control, And When It Kicks Out At The Speed It's Set At. But
It Goes Out,Then In,Then Out. I Have Been Told It Was A Random Misfire On No. 1 / 3 Cylinders. And Random Misfire Depends On Who Run The Computer On It.. And About A Week Ago While Driving Home At 45 mph The Trans. Went To Growling/Squealing Then It Quit, Next Day It Did The Same Thing, But It Stopped Pulling.. I Still Think It's Electrical.. Anyone Got Any Ideas?? Or Needs A Parts Van?? Lots Of New Parts..
Interior dome lights flicker on & off while driving.
I have turned and bumped headlight switch to make sure it wasn't engaging.
I've disconnect door switches independently one at a time Left/right/side/rear. all door switches pass ohms/continuity test to. how can i fix this : Interior dome lights flicker on & off while driving. Thanks you for your insight.
Will start and run fine then oil pressure indicator drops to 0, van will die, sometimes takes multiple attempts to restart.
horn quit working, relay does make clicking sound when horn button pressed. Is it the horn(s) or the relay?
Code idle air control cyl try's 2 clr code start 1 second light back on same code what to do?
If i keep my van under 45 mph my van doesnt shake at all.... if I get up to 45 mph or greater my van shakes and doesnt stop shaking. until I stop or park

i need to know if this car has a carburetor?
Can't locate where to add more mother oil.
give gas its bogs down like its starving for gas unhook fuel line from fuel has pressure
Stalls out
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