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That just it i got home parked van it had been raining so i turned on hardaard lights locked van than later went to start an alarm goes off cant turn off battery has been unhooked and rehooked and sti) going off
Van will not move in any gear
Motor slows down to a real slow speed if it even comes on. Air conditioner compressor is running ok
i have been having a heck of a time finding the locations of the 2 sensors listed. when i am driving about 30 to 45 mph and i let off of the gas... it does ok until, i press on the gas pedal to maintain speed then the truck seems to shutter and continue to slow down. if i jamb the pedal down i can cause it to down shift and then accelerate back to speed. at that time if i back off of the pedal it goes back to the previous condition. any help in this would be appreciated.
All gears just stoped working I don't know why
So I bought this van, Put it in the shop for new brake lines new ac compressor.Valve cover gaskets.Paid for it and drove it home when I got it home right at my driveway it quit. I pushed it on the drive. I replaced the TPS, The air idle control, crank shaft sensor, plugs cap rotor wires,borrowed a fuel pressure tester.(54 LBS.) pulled the fuel line off the rail turned the key and fuel filled up a 20 liter in about 4 sec. tested the ignition coil I think it is good. when I crank it, it tries to start but never gets there, and a horrible smell fills the van itt actually burns your nose and burning rich. its horrible. I dont know what else to do. Can it be the timing?Does this van have a belt or a chain?it is a 3.9lsomeone please help
Wld an EMC(engine mgmt control)
From a 2000 dodge ram 3500 v8 5.2

Work on my 2002 dodge ram van 1500
V8 5.2
had an issue with car last year and found out it was the EMC, replaced last year w/ a after market unit which worked all year.
I put 30k last year on it.

After bring it to mechanic which replaced all the normal stuff( dist. cap - both positioning sensors )
I still had no spark so the EMC was last thing to buy.

I bought another one from the same vendor and installed but took time to get car strted.

then the car just wldnt start
i called them back and sent me another one. I installed new one and same issue
Blower only runs on "high".
I checked plenum box through the throtle cylinder and it looks like there's a thin layer of oil inside and black marks around the inside rim of the throtle cylinder.
Happens on a constant basis, otherwise it's operating normally.
Replaced the fuel pump and then the crankshaft position sensor. Still having problems
Won't start back up after warming up. Replaced fuel pump and coil. No help.
Van is slow loses power jot electrcity
Alarm sounds off as soon as I turn key and power on the dash. It will not disarm unless I remove battery cables.
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