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Wld an EMC(engine mgmt control)
From a 2000 dodge ram 3500 v8 5.2

Work on my 2002 dodge ram van 1500
V8 5.2
had an issue with car last year and found out it was the EMC, replaced last year w/ a after market unit which worked all year.
I put 30k last year on it.

After bring it to mechanic which replaced all the normal stuff( dist. cap - both positioning sensors )
I still had no spark so the EMC was last thing to buy.

I bought another one from the same vendor and installed but took time to get car strted.

then the car just wldnt start
i called them back and sent me another one. I installed new one and same issue
Blower only runs on "high".
I checked plenum box through the throtle cylinder and it looks like there's a thin layer of oil inside and black marks around the inside rim of the throtle cylinder.
Happens on a constant basis, otherwise it's operating normally.
Replaced the fuel pump and then the crankshaft position sensor. Still having problems
Won't start back up after warming up. Replaced fuel pump and coil. No help.
Van is slow loses power jot electrcity
Alarm sounds off as soon as I turn key and power on the dash. It will not disarm unless I remove battery cables.
I have a Dodge Ram 1500 van that delveoped rust spot on bottom of van a small hole developed due to the rust and would like to get it repaired the year of the van is 2003
Won't start. No wcm,door lock ck,new computer, Tran sensor, can sensor, coil,distributor and sensor, ignition switch new,starter and battery wires ck. Wire harness shorted out with all wires replaced.
Checked grounds. New crank pos sensor, truck cut off one day. Started back two more same day. Haven't been able to start since then. OBD 2 no communicating with PCM. NEED TO FIND SOURCE OF ELECTRICAL MALFUNCTION.
It started ladt wk nd getting worse.
When hiiting bumps or unpaved roads

Driver side tire making clanking sound lke metal on metel.

Removef tire to check for play on upper ball joint but dont see much

Coil replaced pickup coil replaced engine spins but no fire
i checked fuse for fuel pump and it good. sprayed some carb cleaner still nothing.

any suggestions
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