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trans wants to shift back an forth esp. when lower speeds 35-50mph auto fluid all good looks new

Vehicle will start in the morning and will not start again when engine is hot,have changed the crankshaft sensor,and the ignition cable,not solved

A sctflash hand programmer was hooked to my truck under steering column. It wasnt right for my vehicle now truck wont start and says to service 4wheel drive, trailer brake disconnected, etc. What can i do to get my truck started

all new parts was working when disassembled but now will not build pressure

My truck is a diesel and wil not run more then 30 mph! Will not go up any hills ! Had a new transmission put in 1 year ago! What could be wrong?

Teboth directions sted acuators using battery and it turns but when plugged in it wont turn

Need estimates for parts and labor

Trouble starting after setting overnight no matter weather. Starter fluid used and will start. Starts fine for rest of day unless parked on angle.

After truck feels like it has stalled, I pump the accelerator several times and it starts right up. It occurs more frequently in hot weather and when the diesel tank is lower on fuel. I had the fuel filter changed and it helped for a short period but now it is doing it more often.

Pulled truck in driveway it was fine. Went to leave with it and it won't roll over. Lights come on inside, bell goes off that says key is in it. Took starter off had it checked, that's ok.

Friend borrowed truck put in gas. Have changed injector pump and computer, checked injectors. Will turn over but won't start. Will start with starter fluid and dies when starter fluid is gone.

6.7lt EGR permanent defect. Chrysler never acknowledged the problem

But when I shift into 3rd gear there is a loud knock or bang. Not sure if it's the transmission or the transfer case. Please help if you know what the problem.
I hope it's a easy fix. It shifts in all 5 gears but when I am driving and try to shift into 3rd gear it slams hard.

Cleaned the plug and now it won't shift check engine light on

It's always doing it now.all I did was clean the connects to tranny been in salt air over winter

Throttle is sometimes there n sometimes not push cancel on cruise it goes back to normal light still on

i changed my fuel filter and it wouldn't start again..i bump primed it 6-10 times and no go...

I was at an intersection and it completelety shut off. We checked the fuel filter and fuel pump. This is the first time.

when approaching a stop where i have need to coast for a longer distance with foot on the brake i often lose power braking before i come to a full stop. when this happens it is very similar to a vacuum assist brake system that has lost all vacuum boost. i have replaced the power steering pump and the hydra-boost twice with no affect. when this happens the power steering is not affected.

I had a Chrysler town country van here , I used the alternator off of it to put in my truck that's a 97 ram 3500 cummings. Now it shows to be charging but does not , when I turn the truck off it is completely dead. So I wired it in without the VOLTAGE REG(RV) and it shows to not be charging on gauge untill I turn the key Off and the it goes up to 14 but the truck doesnt shut off I have to uplug the fuel solenoid valve get It to shut off. But know the fuel pump thats wird to the ignition cicuit stays on

I have already replaced fuel pump, fuel injector and the ECU

It's a 97 cummins turbo diesel single cab flatbed dually

will speed up when gas pedal is punched.

and tbi but problem still exists what else could it be

1-2x/Week ..... car will cut-out or not accelrate ... almost like a sensor isn't recognizing the foot peddle is moving/depressed. Car/engine just idles ... shifting is fine during the "idle" .... normally with a shut-off and restart of engine everything is fine .... if car is rolling when occurs then pumping the peddle rapidly for 5-10 seconds causes the accelerator to re-engage. Thoughts?

It sat for 2 months till I finally got it done. Put new batteries in it. Used Interstate batteries. Can't believe it would loose its prime.