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all vents change as they should , good heat and flow out of rt side vents but cold air from left side vents
vents, including floor vent with good flow ,,, all dash defrost vents has good flow but no heat
slight rattle from blower motor as i have recently moved mode knob to recir from interior to increase fan speed

when knob is pulled out to engage draws on volt meter and battery and nothing happens.bought the truck used wire under hood with inline fuse was disconnected and light on unit in cab to show it was working would not come on when i hooked up the wires light comes on but dray on battery and volt meter but exhaust brake does nothing
Just wondering anyone else has run into this. This is my daughter inlaws truck. Bought it new in texas. 2010 dodge cummins diesel 4x4 dualy. Trany went bad. Guys at trany shop can't figure out why number on it don't match vin number. comes up 2008 and 9. I said dodge must used that trany in more than 1 year. Number on rear end comes up its a 5500.
When the airbag indicator light comes on, the a/c blows hot air. The light was intermittent, but now it stay on all of the time. I checked all the fuses and I didn't find any blown. Help me please
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? 2days
It keeps changing gear back and forth, up and down. It drives me nuts. Sometimes it also does it at 70 too. It seems to be worse on damp days. What I end up doing is taking it out of OD until after I hit 50
read online needs new computer.
this is a diesel dully. 4 door. pulls to the right. replaced one bad ball joint two years ago. was allright for a while. but they used the cheapest ball joint from auto zone. has all ways pulled to the right sense buying new.
trans wants to shift back an forth esp. when lower speeds 35-50mph auto fluid all good looks new
Vehicle will start in the morning and will not start again when engine is hot,have changed the crankshaft sensor,and the ignition cable,not solved
A sctflash hand programmer was hooked to my truck under steering column. It wasnt right for my vehicle now truck wont start and says to service 4wheel drive, trailer brake disconnected, etc. What can i do to get my truck started
all new parts was working when disassembled but now will not build pressure
My truck is a diesel and wil not run more then 30 mph! Will not go up any hills ! Had a new transmission put in 1 year ago! What could be wrong?
Teboth directions sted acuators using battery and it turns but when plugged in it wont turn
Need estimates for parts and labor
Trouble starting after setting overnight no matter weather. Starter fluid used and will start. Starts fine for rest of day unless parked on angle.
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