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Oil pressure sometime shows good and sometimes none drove it about 5 miles had no overheating problems would it be pressure sending unit or pressure regulator spring
The 5.9 has 300k and there is a lot of blow by.
I know break downs are going to happen because mechanical parts often fail. I have had the transmission rebuilt but have had one problem after another with my A/C. My local Napa dealer has an 02 that has electric fans and swore that all the 2006's had the same. After giving him my vin and him doing research he also came to the conclusion that it doesn't have it. I just wanted to know if the fan clutch is for a special order or was it a military option? With all the problems I've been dealing with id love an electric fan. I know my accumulator is bad because I can smell freon in the cab, I can usually put stop leak in it to stop it up but it's now I'm also losing gas at the pressure release valve in the bottom of the air compressor. Last but not least, does the blend door actuator also control the defroster? As I went to turn the defroster on one morning because the windshield was fogged up, I heard a little ping noise. My truck hasn't blown any air through the top of the dash since.
It's starts off fine but as soon as I get on the freeway and get to 70 mph it begins to Rev very high and sticks at 3 RPMS..sometimes if I let off the gas it will shift but not always eventually it will shift gears and the rpms will drop to normal..I replaced the shift solenoid and the governor pressure solenoid ..but no change still review high
Is my professor G out there anywhere.
Trans was normal temp to touch truck cranks won't start and my scan tool won't communicate with computer now not sure what to do
Have typical trans problem of trans cant decide what gear to be in when at low speeds had fixed twice went out again 78000 miles on truck. Now truck is stuck in low linkage is jamed in tranny???? Diconected linkage and shift lever on trans is stuck in low gear....not a 4x4 ......any ideas can i drop pan and see linkage from their ? Is tranny shot or just lemon.
And the dash lights won't shut off unless I turn the left turn signal on. The turn signal flashes when the lights ain't on but when they on the signal won't blink just solid light.
Truck will not start, no cranking. Disconnected batteries at same ti.E and tried no progress. I checked the codes from the dash an it doesn't show any. Fuel pump runs non stop when key is in on position. Checked all fuses and all are fine. All lights ,radio, blinkers wanted to send power direct to ECM but don't know power supply or what wires to tie in to. Please someone respond with fix or advice to test something else.
Parking Brake Cable Undone at Foot Assembly
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