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what would the ratio for the mix be
I bought a master solenoid kit and before I could put it on my transmission stopped shifting into over drive. So I drained the fluid and found that a plate in my over drive assembly broke apart. I ordered a new overdrive assembly and installed it along with the master solenoid kit and it still won't shift into overdrive. My transmission is a 48RE. After my test drive I could smell burnt fluid.
Pressed tow-haul mode, locked in 4th gear and blew transmission on mountain pass. Almost went over side of mountain
Going 30 miles or under is okay, but over that, it acts like its either starving for gas or vacuum leak, or not firing on all points
It doesn't matter taking the battery cables loose or sticking a computer to check it. Both lights stay on!
also replace control solenoid A plus switch still bogging itself out plus new alternator is fried
I changed the brake calipers and pads and every time I apply brakes it never stops. Why?
how much to take to a dealer to replace?
Replaced ignition switch didn't help
I am changing my transmission fluid for the first time and need to know how and how much fluid I need?
How long would the seal/gasket last
shoots codes p0252, p0251,and p1688
And when it die s it won't start for a while I changed ecm , PCM , crank shaft sensor !
It's pretty warm out and I had the ac on pretty low.
Truck came to a stop as I was exiting the freeway
Now it won't turn over. Sounds good, but just takes too long. Not sure what it could be any thoughts would be appreciated!
ac/heat work good and temp control works good , just stuck in defrost or top vents only
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