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The truck seems to be confused when in OD and keeps downshifting and up shifting rapidly. Since the change of the TPS it seems to loose power and go to dead pedal for brief moments. As i said this problem only shows up after the truck has been setting for several hours. i can drive to work in the morning and it has these issues but when i go to lunch four hours later the problem is not there. same for when i go home at 5 there is no problem till the next morning.

It idles rough and tends to hesitate while driving

Just started doing it, no clunking, blower fan works equal from both sides, single control for both sides.

The throttle position sensor wire and plug worn, I need to replace it, and unable to find one.

When I got in my truck to go to work this morning I let off the e brake and pedal went to the floor and brake light and abs light came on any ideas cruise and speedometer still work I have brakes but have to push to floor

I parked on a hill the abs light and brake light came on and pedal went to the floor is full of fluid can't find any leaks

I was going down a trail and there was a mud hole and I went through it and about half way threw it truck Cutts off and I have to let it sit before it will start again.

I have replaced the thermostat, Fam clutch, and radiator cap. I am at a loss on what the problem is. I don't have a lot of money to blow on fixing things that aren't bad, and I would love assistance if someone has an idea. Thank you.

jacked up the front tires on 4x4 dodge spin tires the front driveline turns, with transfercase in 2 wheel drive is this normal?

going to pressure bleed these brakes cant find sequence

the abnormal shifting happens seldom but seems to happen only when the vehicle is at operating temperature

Happens while driving @ road speed . Kinda intermittent deal.when happens tranny wants to downshift.

1999 Dodge Ram 2500 with i6 5.9L Diesel 24 valve engine. Have replaced the ip and filter. No error codes. Power ok without a light load (i.e., 4000 lb camper trailer). Any ideas?

I turn it off and restart the truck trans runs fine again

Could the crankshaft sensor cause this once it gets warm or hot I have replace the spark plug wires, spark plugs, ignition coil, and cap and rotor.

I've been having my diesel truck now for 3 years now and two days ago it started to overheat I was wondering what can it be!?

I've been having my truck for three years now and two days ago it started to overheat I was wondering why? What can it most likely be?

Cummins turbo diesel, with 345,000 miles, on it

The LED are on saying it is on but it doesn't blow out. Is this a fan switch issue?

Cleaned the battery post and replaced the connecters as well as checked the grounds on the batteries. Still just clicks. Also tested the starter it is good