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if i shift the automatic trans to drive 2 an back the pedal comes back
2008 Dodge ram 2500 heavy duty 5.7 liters will not start checked fuses and the etc light and check engine light is illuminated giving the code p0882
I reclined my drivers seat (pull up on manual level and lean back). When I pull up on the manual level and lean forward the drivers seat will not return to the upright position. Appears to be stuck in the reclined position. Had a friend attempt to push the seat up from behind as a pulled the manual level up but the seat will not move. Has worked fine with no occurances of sticking in the past. Can i manually release the catch under the seat to return the seat to an upright position?
cruise control speeds up when set. speed tends to drift
when in cruise control
Dodge dealer replaced TPS several times for high RPM during idle but they could not fix and I had to pay for the TPS's; A local service shop set the TPS calibration to .2 volts for it to idle correctly (it should be .5 - .6 volts); At .2 volts the check engine light stays on. I need to get the transmission repaired but they will not warranty work with the truck showing a bad TPS. Any ideas what the problem would be.
When I let off brake it takes off and then is fine until I want to stop.I have to shift to N to stop for fear of burning up brakes and trans.
Water does not collect in the back, just the front. The more rain we get, the more water in cab. It almost seems to be coming in from the bottom of the doors. Have tried to seal this area, no luck. Have tried to seal other areas such as windshield, rearview mirrors, etc. Have heard that it could be A/C unit but it is flooded on both sides. Really need some ideas and no $$ to go to shop.
or do I have to get the whole ball joint? thank you..
the lights in the cab go down than return to its normal brightiest. ive had problems in the pst with my voltage going down and making my truck run bad. i took it in to dodge and they told me it was my battarys so replace them both. its bee three months since than and now im having this problem. and with the voltage down will that mess up the shift sensor go bad on my transmission as well? i need help so please someone contact me bc im out of ideas of this problem shot
how do i fix this problem is there a sensor or something to be replaced
Truck starts fine and runs great until its been running for a whils and engine gets good and warmed up then the vehicle will stall and cut off and will not start back until the vehicle is cooled back off... Truck does not over heat replaced the Idle Air Control because I was told it may be the problem but still having the problem any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
The engine continues to have multiple misfires ever since It was installed in 2005. I'm running a MSD 6A ignition and just replaced the coil, battery, alternator, plugs (stock plugs), belt, cap and rotor. All the sensors on the throttle body have been replaced too.
It does it mainly at low rpm. Fuel pressure checks out good.
Any ideas?
my cel won't go back off after i replaced the sensors. the top and after conv. sensor.
im needing to replace the driver side axle seal. how long ca n i drive it before i replace it . it is leaking grease.
5.9 Cummings
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