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I replaced the master cylinder for the clutch and now I can't get it to stop sucking air back into the system.can anyone help

On my 1998 2500 dodge ram where is my DLC port.I need to scan my truck to see if there are any error codes.I am trying to see if i have an electrical problem or if my fuel pump has gone out.

Can we have our power controll moduler rebiult?

Have had starter rebuilt, putback on truck, it started once. When trying to start, batteries full charge, the starter justs CLICKS will not crank. Got a pull start and it cranked right up, ran great. Shut it off, will not crank or start, whats wrong?

the sheet metal around the 3 bolts that hold the latch has broken, why?

rear oil leak.

transmission shifts back and fourth between overdrive and third gear between speeds of 40-50 mph,if decelerate slightly it stops.and it
doesnt matter if it is cold ,or at
operating temp

how much and what kind of oil?

I know in the old days the dodges had a way about starting up an engine and that would be where as soon as you turned the key, the engine would just crank for a few and then the engine would start. I have a 99 V10 the does the same thing and the only way to get it to start right off is to turn the key and let it crank for a split second and then turn the key off and then turn the key to start again and it starts on the first crank. What can I do to just have the first crank to start the engine everytime?

put a new steering gear box and track bar on and checked tie rod ends nothing have 7 to 8 inches of play still

There is no hot air when I turn the heater in my truck

just want a picture on how to install

codep0305i change sparkgup rotro pickcoilwire what as icloud

I have purchased a 99 Ram 2500 van for work purposes. I did a total tune up. The brake and ABS light on dashboard will not turn off. Could this cause engine to not perform or sound a little rough at times? Would the speed sensor cause this? I am kind of short on time and need to get back to work. Anything would help.

I need to know what the gear oild weight is for my dodge ram 2004 2500

My tail lights on the rear do not work. I've checked the fuses and the lights no problem there?
I have to run with the Hazard lights on so people can see me at night??

what is the repair record?

Someone said replace module-very expensive-any other alterative? If not, where is the best place on-line for this type of part.

Why does your 1995 dodge ram 2500 fwd slip when it shifts into 2end gear but not while its in fwd


When I initially start up in the morning there is no power. I have to wait till it gets close to running temperature before I have full power. Is this common or is there a problem? there are no air leaks, nothing wrong with fule system, and the air filter has been changed. Also when I'm parked and I throttle up, it will miss wnd blow out unburnt fuel out exhaust!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated

I got this truck and someone do a bad work with the electrical conector so need to replace it.

My 97 Dodge 2500 4X4 has about 130,000 miles on it and about 8 months ago I noticed that no matter what position the selector switch was in (except off) the air or heater would blow through the defroster vents. At first it was no big deal as I could play with the switch turning it from vent to off then back to vent and it would blow air out the vents. Now however not matter what I do, air only comes out the defroster vents. How do I tell if it is the switch or something more internal. The switch (according to my dodge dealer) cost over $200 so I don't want to purchase a new one unless I have to do so.

The "overdrive off" - OD off - light comes on after about 15 minutes on the highway and then sometimes it is accompanied by the "trans temp" light. I have had the transmission flushed recently, but it still happens. Do you know what the problem might be?

How do I replace the upper ball joints on a 2005 Dodge 2500 diesel 4x4 truck

Everytime I wash my truck, my tail lamp shorts out. i have tried sealing the cover and nothings seems to help. I am replacing bulbs everytime I wash it.

my coolant tank was half full a week ago and now its empty and i had the head gasket done

need to see the pattern of the serpentine belt

How do I remove 4x4 shift selector knob

i have a brake caliper that wont release all the way on the drivers side.i have went through 3 calipers and it still catching the rotor with out putting the brakes on what could it be?