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hood struts replacements

ABS,Parking brake,check engine lights always on while running .speedometer working. any help ,would APPRICIATE IT.

I replaced spark plugs & wires ,dis cap,rot button,coil,and oxygen sensor still backfires and misses but not all the time any suggestions

i changed all sensors throttle body 02 sensors and crank ,and instaled plenum and intake gaskets ,does not have vacuum leaks

the OBDII test sys not ready. I drove the truck approx. 150 miles.why does it still say not ready?

Heater blows hot on passenger side but not driver side.Every time you start truck the lights come on for comp and recirculate buttons.I can turn off by pushing buttons.Heat comes out passenger side but not driver side. The lights on button issue makes me think main controller. Please help

The engine warning light is also on.

After running truck an shut off will not start. Will turn over but kills battery because it will not start until it cools down

I have replaced both sensors, (1 on trans. & 1 on rear axle. I tried a different Instrument cluster. I even replaced the ignition. It still doesn't work. I do not see a sensor on the left front wheel. This is a 2wd. I am lost. Can anyone tell me where to look next?

Hey guys I got my trans back in today everything went good I put fluid in took it for a ride was shifting perfect then started to slip so I came back home checked fluid it was low I added fluid but still acting weird it will only move when I first start it for a bit then I have to shut it off and start again to get it to move.. any ideas? 47rh

After this my map lights came on. i took out the remote starter and seen that it was melted. The map lights will now not shut off. I had my truck scanned and it pulls no codes. I have turned the dimmer switch on and off, disconnected the battery, checked the fuses and none of this seems to be the problem. They even come on and flicker when I am driving. They are dim when flickering. Is there anyone else who has had this problem and is there a way to fix it?

This warning light came on my truck that looks like a lightening bolt in between two this... ) (. I have never in my life seen this before what does it mean and what do I do to fix it?

My truck it's been running with no problems except for some gears slipping so I took it to get the transmission rebuild when they put the transmission back my engine started to act up loosing power and shaking

Now speedometer wont wont work

I'm having the engine replaced in my 2002 Dodge Ram. Would this be a good time to have the heater core replaced? Or do they still have to go through the dash on the passenger side to replace it.

When I started the truck start Norma engine runs but when I try to reverse or drive truck don't move I checked all the connections but everything looks normal or on right position

need a quick fix.

I live in a remote area and cannot always make it to a garage for regular servicing i.e.; oil, filter, lubrication.
I purchased a lube gun, but would like to know where each lubrication point is on the chassis and/or elsewhere.

The truck seems to be confused when in OD and keeps downshifting and up shifting rapidly. Since the change of the TPS it seems to loose power and go to dead pedal for brief moments. As i said this problem only shows up after the truck has been setting for several hours. i can drive to work in the morning and it has these issues but when i go to lunch four hours later the problem is not there. same for when i go home at 5 there is no problem till the next morning.

It idles rough and tends to hesitate while driving