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I have already changed the fuel and air filters.Is it camshaft position sensor?thanks
Put two new injection pumps in and two lift pumps last year the lates in Sept. 2011. Have checked fuel lines, changed fuel cap, bled fuel filter, I'm out of ideas. there is no codes on scanner or engine light.
My 2000 Dodge Diesel 2500 4x4, started using alot of fuel. I use to get 20 to 23 mile to gallon. 18 pulling. About 7 years ago it started using alot of fuel. Getting 15. And 10 pulling. Its been in the shop 3 times for this and I was told it was fixed. I have put $8000.00 in that motor and it is still the same. Could you please help with answers. Thanks ga
would like to know were to find this senor
It will go ahead and start sometimes, after several attempts and if I turn and hold ignition key in the starting position for a few seconds.
Sometimes it will shift on its own but most of the time it doesn't want to. I can get it to shift most times when I let off the throttle, put the gear shift in neutral, then back in to drive, and press on the throttle again. The fluid level is OK, it hasn't thrown any codes, and the transmission doesn't slip any. Do you have any ideas on what could be causing it?
Do I have to wait for the plugs to heat up before driving. I don't see a light or indicator to say it is ready to start.
I have had multiple problems with the transmission cooler- from leaking where it connects to the block, transmission cooler itself leaking, now the transmission must be replaced in the truck.
truck starts strong every time
and all fluids pertaining to job its a 4 wheel drive 5.9 cummins
mostly up hill or towing a load. i use correct octane plug's....good oil pressure.
Just started
it is like fuel is shut off, let cool and it will start again
Tried a new ignition module,no luck. Going for crank sensor. Checked that number 1 cyc. Is firing at proper distributor sequence and it is. If there were a gear on bottom of distributor it would seem it's one tooth off???
I have replaced the ujoints ball joints. pulls to the right
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