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Recently, it has been taking about 8-10 seconds of cranking to start when engine is at outside air temp (approx 70 deg. F) ; also having repeated 15-20 seconds of cranking when engine temp is fully warm (approx 180 deg. F); no check engine lites or codes; have replaced fuel filter and low pressure fuel line. no air bubbles in line; I have a DTS that can do live data readings - if there is something specific I should be looking for. Thanks.

My 2006 Cummins all of a sudden slowed speed and quit shifting gears ?

Having a hard time finding one matching the numbers on the top of the tag 271D. Is that the right number to look for.

it acts like its not making any compression. even if my injection pump was bad because it's happened before. if you take some 2cyl mixed gas and spray it in the intake. it will fire up. mine doesnt even try. i drove to town. went in and got something to eat. came out and it hasnt tried to start since. the code it throws is no help. everyone says the code is related to the lift pump but in my opinion it acts like the valves are open when they should be closed building compression

I charged the unit and it quit working. Any ideas. It was working drivers side only I put a 12oz can in and it quit working. 2006 dodge 2500

BUT WHEN PULLING A GRADE ABOVE 6o mph runs just fine! I just had a dodge mec. and he adjusted the front band on trans. and the problem went away! FOR 1 WEEK ! then came back! I also replaced the driver side sensor on tranie. and I very rarely tow anything!

The truck has a loping idle when it sits at a stop sign and when it shifts into gear it dies (sometimes) I replaced the crank sensor about 2 months ago . A few days ago it threw a 216 code and I fixed a leak on the fuel filter and it went away but now it has no codes just the loping ide and dying issue!!?

I have a 2005 Dodge ram 2500 with a 5.7 the truck has no college except for or two sensor they've been replaced the truck when you first started try to driveway it will take off and then will choke out . If you slam the accelerated to the floor and let off the truck will come back and stop choking out. It will only do this after you start the truck the truck and we called the truck and be warm and it will do the same thing . After driving in a while it runs fine celebrate everything top and bottom and I was told throttlebody has a throttle position sensor in it I replace that truck still has the same problem. What else needs to be looked at truck is also just had a tuneup plugs wires also crankshaft sensor . I've worked on vehicles all my life never came across the problem like this. Have any answers

when I turn my truck on it stays on strong and when it wants itl"ll reverse or it"ll forward

My 5.9 Cummings will not start when she's hot I changed the thermostat I change the fuel lift and I change the fuel filter and I change the air filter the only thing left are my fuel injectors in my fuel injector pump I check the sensor relay it's working help me

Amp meter drops to nothing but may show charging after sets and cranked but eventually shows no output again. Alt showed ok and batteries new

Engine dies randomly when I slow down to 5 to10 MPH such as slowing to make a turn into my drivewaythen takes a couple tries to restart the engine.

Truck was running fine, then after a cold spell it wouldn't start. I had it plugged in and everything but I recently replaced fuel pump and fuel filter and it still is a no go. There is no white smoke coming out of the exhaust so I assume it is a fuel issue. There is no fuel getting to the fuel injectors. I hope that it isn't the fuel injector pump, because it is crazy expensive:(.

Cuts off while running and starts too put put while driving then it cuts off. No dash lights are on.

Radiator hose gets hot bottom hose is cool ??? Any suggestions???

The converter has been bypassed about 3 months ago now it started smoking today with very little power can anyone help please

transmission also slips around 45-55. truck has 235000 miles and has good power. What is my problem? 2 shops do not no.

It started about a year or two ago ....cold start issues....over the last 2 years it has gotten worse...I've had the fuel transfer pump replaced this past home and woke to 50 degrees out side and did not start...brought it back to the mechanic and he replaced the #3 fuel fired straight up home and the next morning Thanksgiving started at 5:30..thought to my myself great....a couple hours later leaving the house it would NOT start...cranked over but not I decided to replace a relay and the heater grid did not turn over....any other ideas would be greatly appreciated .. thank you

no code appears but check engine light is on.

Only when lightly excelerating u can get it to stop sometimes if u mash excelerater hard or once it gets up to speed it will stop what would fix this

My family has owned Dodge Rams for about as long as I can remember, so I know the usual RPM at 70mph is typically right around 2000RPM. We bought this truck used from a guy that bought it at an auction, so I have zero history on it.

No matter what speed you're at the RPMs are always way over. It sounds really loud, like it's making an enormous effort just to go. If you press the O/D button the light in the dash turns on that the O/D has been turned off but there is no difference in RPMs or anything else.

It is also leaking oil (it seems like just while is running) not sure if it's related.

I haven't changed any parts on it as a need a better idea of what it could be before I start buying parts.

I replaced a belt 2 weeks ago. today it broke again. I can replace it but I want to know why its breaking.

I have 120000 miles on my diesel truck and had to replace the water pump this year. Then 6 months later it went out again. Now after only 2 months its going out again.why? I used a part from oReilys and I am getting suck of going through this. What could it be?

replaced fuel lift pump and started without either 20 times or so but each start cranking took longer. Now back to using either. replaced fuel rail pressure sensor did not help

what would be the size yoke for the axles and axle sizes

what would the ratio for the mix be

I bought a master solenoid kit and before I could put it on my transmission stopped shifting into over drive. So I drained the fluid and found that a plate in my over drive assembly broke apart. I ordered a new overdrive assembly and installed it along with the master solenoid kit and it still won't shift into overdrive. My transmission is a 48RE. After my test drive I could smell burnt fluid.

Pressed tow-haul mode, locked in 4th gear and blew transmission on mountain pass. Almost went over side of mountain

Going 30 miles or under is okay, but over that, it acts like its either starving for gas or vacuum leak, or not firing on all points

It doesn't matter taking the battery cables loose or sticking a computer to check it. Both lights stay on!