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I have a 04 dodge ram 5.7 hemi. The check engine light is on. I took to the parts store and had them read the codes. It came back as bad o2 and bad catalyst system. I then took to my local shop and had them do tests. They said bank 1 upstream o2 sensor is not sweeping. I've looked around and think my pcm needs reflashed? Could that fix my issue? The truck has no power check engine light is on and if i give it hard acceleration it won't shift. Thanks for any help.

My engine light was on in my 1997 dodge ram 1500 v8 magnum, since I got it a month ago. I had several PO Codes and changed the O2 sensor and all I had left was 2 Solenoid codes. Tonight I checked fuses because my radio shuts as soon as I turn on the car and I saw that the fuel pump fuel (i believe) was missing and another was loose. I switched the 40A fuse from the trailer lights to the missing one and now the engine light is off and there are no PO Codes. Is this possible?? I feel like a fool for not checking this sooner but I am the furthest thing from a mechanic and just learning. I admit I love it and excited to learn more.
Thanks for your help.

Malfunction indicator light was on and security light

So about a month ago my trucks battery finally ended so i replaced it brand new one no problems started up drove and everything. Well couple days ago my father needed to borrow it so i let him. Went to go get it no power battery dead. Okay must of left a light on or something hes not use to my truck fine lets jump it. Jumped it truck started but it will not stay on unless you are giving it gas. Its been very cold lately like 5 degress night and 25 high and been sitting okay so hold onto the gas for five minutes still turns right off as soon as you let go. Brand new fuel pumped replaced like five months ago. Hasnt had any problems, but the battery died now the truck will not stay on and while jumping it the battery is at 14 volts. What do you think could be the issue, for it not to stay on?

It sputters and sounds like it backfires through the intake and wants to die. Step on the gas and it will go. Can hear air, sounds like its coming from underneath. Pulled a code P0443

I replaced the front seal 3 times and it keeps leaking. I filled the torque converter with tranny fluid and let it sit for 3 hours before putting it on to check for leaks. It never leaked

Started when it was cold 30degrees
After a few tries of short clicks it will start
Getting worse now, even with warmer weather
Weak connection?
Getting worse

Where is the air intake service sensor located?

I have I think a shuttering like vibration an the engine light is not on.Im guessing that the cadolidic converter might be stopped up? it does seem to be holding back power.

So i have a 1996 dodge 1500 5.9 with a 47re transmission all stock.
As of a week ago i did a oil change on the truck (Came out clumpy) Within 30 seconds of starting the truck pressuring the filter a transmission cooler line busted off the radiator and sprayed everywhere. Repaired the line and the trasmission is no longer shifting out of first gear! BEFORE the oil change it worked perfectly no issue with transmission. AFTER it wont even let out of first gear! (i can start off in second gear and it will shift to 3rd HARD but it does but wont budge after that)
I have checked the Governor solenoid and transducer with no luck both bands seems decent not loose at all maybe half inch or less. I'm at a loss any ideas?

My 99 ram 1500 is not starting I went and filled it up at lunch time then it wouldn't start sometimes it will fire breifly when u first start cranking it has fuel pressure I have noticed lately driving down the highway it will cut out every now and then when it does that I can hear a chirp sound come from the glove box area

Fuel pump replaced, now the fuel gauge doesn't work properly. When I fill the tank, the gauge only goes 5/8th up, stops, and stays there for a while. Suddenly it goes to full. Then after approximately 20 miles, the check engine light comes on, the low fuel light comes on, and the gauge drops to empty. Had the fuel pump replaced again with the same results.
Had the pump replaced again and the same thing happened. Everything was fine until I had the fuel pump replaced. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Good truck up to this point.