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1997 4x4 1500 dodge ram 5.2 v8 manual transmission
I'm change the cam sensor crank sensor and coils. the codes it is throwing misfire number 1 misfire number 3 misfire number 4 in random misfire. truck run just fine until it was shut off then one started back up started missing real bad.No bad internal engine sounds. Oil pressureis great.i need help please.
Replaced crank shaft sensor. Replaced camshaft position sensor
ok, i went to firestone because my truck had problems with the front left tire. The tire almost came off. and firestone said i needed new brakes because mine had bent into a U-shape even tho i just bought new brakes on the truck. And they said i needed a new caliber, and new brakes, brake fluid and something that holds the tire on but i forgot what it was.
so i got the truck back two days later at 12 noon. i started truck and, my break light was still on and my check engine light and my bright light was on even tho my brights were on and it wasnt accelerating. i called them telling them everything that was going on with the truck and they said to bring it in. and now my truck isnt starting i got a new battery yesterday because my truck wouldnt start, i had the alternator checked out and it is fine, so is my starter, and my spark plugs (8) are bran new. and my spark pug wires are good. but i'm wondering if they messed with my fuses because my head lights are blown and the barley work. plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Slow warming up and heater blows cold then hot then cold. Lately truck has over heated
heater works then stops but never gets hot when I turn the truck on in the morning. takes long time to warm up
but I cant find that warning light symbol to tell me what the problem is. it come up where the windshield fluid light is . and flashes
i have put 400.00 dollars in sofar and still running like crap. Ive changed the pressure regulater/filter ,plugs,wires,dis,rotor button,
fuse box
I only get heat of the rpms are up to about 2 grand. If I am inside a shop my heater will blow hot. Once out in the cold it. Blows lukewarm. My heater hoses are hot. top radiator hose is hot and the bottom is cold. not leaking any fluid. And also my temp of my truck won't go over about 160 degrees and I already changed the thermostat. Im guessing I have an air bubble in the system. How do I get that out or bleed it?
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