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truck is atarted every day. never has had a problem. went out this morning to go to work and it tryed to turn over but would not start.

i jus move to Missouri, from Fla. an bought the truck n Fla. right before i move here. I cant change the heads this month.. Can i trust it to go back and forth to my doctors a hour away?? I keep an eye on the gages an check the water level daily. I have use lquid glass, that didnt last long, cause i needed anti freeze, then we added some other gasket sealer. my water pump was change after that.. can i drive it alil. longer??

i need to replace the water control valve but i dont no how to get the dash loose on the passenger side.

when braking it cuts off

Need the torque spec for the bolt that secures the Idler Pulley on a 5.9L V8. Thanks in advance for the help.

When the transmission is cold it feels like it's not in 1st. when it warms up it is usually ok. sometimes the tansmission leaks like it has high pressure

have all the bolts loose and the pan has come down some not enough and all the bolts out of the timing cover not coming off any clues...

and the water pump and the upper hose is hot and the lower hose is cold. it sounds like a flow problem but can not find or know where to start. still has heat but temp gauge not reading right.

not having any problems just precaustion

I perform regular maintenance,have replaced the motor at 77,000 miles 130,000 replaced the transmission as well.There are no indicator lights on the dash detecting any problems.

After i boost it off it runs fine, put meter test on it and somthings pulling battery very slow could it be alternator also?

i need a jump starter because i had a problem where my brake lights, no matter what i did, wouldn't turn off which caused mt battery to drain. I have no idea which would be the most powerful and compatible for my truck.

Engine coolant gauge runs all the way to “hot” as soon as the truck is started and check gauges light comes on. Suspect thermostat. Does that sound right? And how hard is it to change it myself? I have done it before in 70’s Ford models.

a/c works,i replaced radiator,water pump,thermostat,flushed the system,and the heater core does not leak

the right side panle is broken do i have to replace the whole window or just that glass panle an how much am i looking at.i live in baumholder,germany

could it b drive train cmptr? diagnostic says not calling for shift. No codes after replacing SS and TPS. Trans shot or is it electronic ??? Thanks !

Since the master, line, and slave come preassembled and bled, why would they sell just the slave cylinder?

Very hard to get in gear. Sometimes I have to turn off engine to do it

After moving the truck and giving it gas it runs fine but while at idle it acts like it will cut off,any suggestions are greatly accepted

engine stops while driving

Vehicle is a 4x4, Metalic clicking noise speeds up with the vehicle, but quiets down or stops during low speed turning. Sounds to be coming from the front end suspension, possibly driver side. Checked my tires, No Nails, or road hazards, and are at proper inflation.

engine ran fine. have 50+ pounds of steady presure at port on inector rack. now won't idle & has a very loud noise tat sounds like bad lifters.

My truck sat untouched for about a month and the battery went dead. I charged it and started my truck and had to pump the gas to keep it going, it ran very rough. Then after a while it ran fine. Starts good, runs good and drives good, but I have no working gauges and the odometer reading says "no bus or no bu5". I've checked all fuses and connections, not including the cluster in the dash, and still none of the gauges work. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

You can hear the locks mechanism operate but the locks do not lock.Whats causing them not to..?

checked everthing possible,including changing injector and plug,noid light,everything is the way it shoild be but keeping getting,205 code help me loosing mind and money..............

sounds like bad tires going down road wa wa wa wa changed tires new brakes no slop in wheel bairings u-joints old but seem solid had on lift dose not make noise. help!

why is it that every time i put my truck on the computer it reads the iac valve and i have changed it many times so now i am stomped

I'm attempting to see if the door that provide heat is broken, in my 2000 Dodge 1500 Ram pickup.

Either blown head gasket or cracked head, per the mechanic.

Are there screws to remove or do you pop the trim off ,what,..?Don't want to tear up more than i need to.