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The buttons behind the steering wheel that control the volume and tracks for the stereo stopped working along with the cruise control and horn. I checked the fuse box and there was only one fuse burned that belong to a cigaret lighter but replaced and no results.
Changed all 6 spark plugs , coil packs are fine.. there is still a clicking noise coming from under the hood with a rough idle & check engine light flashing...could it be the EGR valve or PDC valve?? Thanks
My mother has owned her 2010 Ram for two years. She recently pulled up the curb into driveway and car went into 4x4 mode by itself. I on the other hand have driven it for a year and it has never went into 4x4 mode unless I turn the knob. my mom is 72 years old and you know how that goes, Nothing is her fault and she didn't turn the knob. So my question is can the knob be knocked into 4x4 mode trying to turn down the fan down or up? or can it go into 4x4 mode randomly by itself? (side note- took to dodge dealer and they found nothing wrong, Electrical or otherwise)
Van starts fine i drive it 3 miles and it stalls then starts and does it again After stalling twice It drives fine
Installed new ball joints, tie rod ends, pitman & idler arm, and aligned several weeks ago. Since then I have replaced the gear box and added the stabilizer bar that attaches to the sway bar and pitman arm. Some how my steering wheel is off to the left about 5" (pretty sure my wheels weren't completely straight). My question is: can I just disconnect the pitman arm, center the wheel and reinstall the pitman arm? Seems logical to me.

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Tires feel like they are going to fall off when turning tight into or out of parking space. In 4 wheel drive.
I wrecked the front bumper on passenger side of my truck. Now the truck will not start. Could it be the esv or something else?
It is intermittent in as much as it happens throughout the day, cold or warm, but not every stop. It will die even if the stop has not been completed. When it does not die the idle, 700 rpm at rest, will drop to 200 or so then immediately return to 700. I have replaced the TPM and the EGR valve, both having set off the check engine light. This issue does not set off any warning. Also observed is the feeling of some binding or stiffness in the rotation in the drive train from a cold start, like it is in 4x. Can't tell if binding continues after some initial driving warm up. I need ideas to check for failings in the system.
Spinning donuts on even ground, dusty.took off not fast truck started sputtering and died. Fuel line was dry so I replaced the pump. still wont start. Turn s over and if i hot wire a 12v to the pump it pumps the truck well turnover and run fine. for sec. swapped fuel pump relays and swapped fuses they seemed fine. What now
I took the controller out of the door and cleaned the contacts. The solder connections all looked good. When I tested the controller the lights would flash off and on as I twisted the controller. The windows would work then stop working. It appears to me to be a wiring problem. How should I proceed>
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