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Hi all,

I dropped the pan a few months ago on my transmission and replaced the shift solenoids and the filter inside of the pan. Now the truck has developed a leak that is dripping out of the front at the bell housing. Everyone says seals but do I have to drop the transmission or is this something that I can do without dropping it or taking it to a shop because that is not something I want to get into. The tranny is quiet and operates just fine. Just the leak that has me refilling every few days. Any guidance or even better a video would be of great help and importance to me. Have a wonderful day. Mark
crank sensor or cam sensor or both plus when i hit the gas hard no power
The wiring it clean do I just need to get a new computer and re-flash it??
but when I turn my high beam on they light up but wont stay on i have to hold it when i drive but if I mess with it every now and then the head lights would work but rarely and stay on and if I turn it off it wont go back on
oil leak looks like its coming from the back of oil pan.
said that # 4 cylinder was missing what is usual cause
This started a couple weeks ago had to change the plugs they were foweled replaced one coil pack ran ok for a week then came the lose of power and roughness
it is a white wire a brown wire and a purple/white wire that came loose from the switch
I have a 98 dodge ram 1500 and took it up to Casper Wy today and out on I25. I had humming from the middle of cab like the truck was still in 4wd but the shifter was 2wd. I had troubles going up hills i would decrease speed and the rpm would go up but the my speed wouldn't and sometimes decrease more. On my way home i had stopped for a train so I tried backing up and going forward. it has trouble responding to the gas paddle. i gave it gas and put it in reverse and the truck wanted to die.
after i pull over i use to beable to restart it but now i cant. It has a rotten egg smell which i now is the cat. But there was another underline issue i dont know about. The ignition coil has been replaced spark plugs and wires replaces. Could the crankshaft position sensor be an issue. Please let me know thank you
It shifts fine when I get off the throttle, but if it shifts down and I stay on it, then it will not shift up.
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