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The speedometer was working fine when I drove to the dealership. and their diagnosis is I need to replace the hub also.I had no information lights going off on the dash.

at seems to short for a spit seacond and turns on the built in security what could be the problem.

truck drive and die no gas peddle

how much do they charge (labor) to do these repairs, including regular oil change

Removed the gear adapter while replacing the VSS. Reinstalled all. Now have no speedometer and the tranny is not shifting.

I am wondering, is it the seal, the hub or both?

When I turn on the engine when its been sitting and its been cold, I hear what appears to be a small motor that turns on right behind the engine. The motor appears to run at a slow pace and only runs for about a minute. The other day, fuel leaked out while this motor was running. Any idea's of what this could be?

its all coming out the over flow hose, besides that everything seems good and it runs good.

i want to reset the check engine light on my 2007 dodge ram pickup.

I had a electrical transmission problem a couple of months ago that the mechanic replaced a sensor in it and seem to fix it.
I went out to start it one day and it was dead, so I replaced the battery, now I had dash lights, but when you turned the key it did nothing, no click nothing. So I replaced the starter with a new one. Still I have dash lights, fuel pump powers up, power windows work, everthing except starting. Iam at a dead end, I replace the starter relay in the under hood fuse box and that did'nt work. I do get a click out of the fuse box under the hood now.
Do you have any suggestions?

i need to the location of the solenoids on the transmission of my truck

it started leaking at the weep hole is this defective or is there some other reason?

i changed the light switch, was not the problem, let me tell you what its doing.. If you pull the light switch out slow and catch it in between parklights on and all the way off dash lights fog lights parklights and taillights come on but if you pull it all the way on headlights come on and everything else goes out, but if you push in just a little bit the headlamp goes out and the rest come back on.. with the headlamp on i got brake lights and i can use turn signals but no parklights...HELP PLEASE

When switching vent control sounded like something fell from inside the dash. Now only blowing from front of dash, not the defrosters or floor.

when the transmission changes to higher gear and i'm above 2 rpm it slips back to lower gear and now the malfunction light is on.

but i still dont have oil pressure. and i am stumped. i have replaced the oil sending unit and oil pan gasket too .

just put new plugs,plug wires, distributor cap, rotor and 02sensor in

i am looking for the placement of the cool air intake temp sensor, the engine temp sensor and the oil pressure sensor
i appreciate anyones help
thank you

I'm relocating to California and need to know if my truck will pass emissions test. If not what will it need to be compliant?

cam sensor broke off in engine and fell down inside will it be in the oilpan?

Heater blower doesn't get current, Mechanic says replace ignition switch and pigtail due to burnt wire. cost 422.

when truck starts, and it starts-up well, it runs about 1 minute and shuts down.

i am somewhat able to use tools and have replaced thermostats on some older cars. thank-you!

last week checked coil supply voltage ok. replaced coil (no output). Started and ran okay. No start yesterday. . .checked supply voltage to coil. no voltage. no dtcs

also replaced water pump, timing chain cover and gasket

my 03 ram 1500 air bag light wont go off, and along with that i am getting a po124 trans throttle pedal position sensor code. and a po601 internal control module memory sum malfunction code, i tried master reboot nothing changed,do i need a new pcm? also my truck runs very rough under 2000 rpm since these things have occurd like my truck is having trouble shifting or something

My truck idle runs a little rough. When I accelerate i feel it get a little more rough. Once im up to speed it smooths out. I replaced plugs, PVC valve and removed each plug wire while engine was running to see if I have a dead cylinder. Everything seems ok and there are no vacume leaks either. Took truck into shop & just got call saying they think the vibration damper is bad. Does this sound right to you folks out there based on the symptoms my truck has? Thanks in advance for your help.

this is not the first time but it has not happened often. it turns over but will not start. it tries to fire 2 to 3 times but then nothing. what could cause this problem?

diagnostic code: PO765

I had the idle sensor changed and that did not help it will not idle unless it is at a normal temp.