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a jerk feeling as if something is slipping out of gear while driving
I have an 2002 dodge ram 1500 std cab v6. No power windows, door locks seats. Replaced fuel pump worked for a week then truck would not start. After a while it started and ran fine three days now same problem. When trying to start truck head lights come on without having switch on. Battery is only two months old.
When throttle is pressed to the floor truck will not kick down,Miles per gallon meter on dash- will go from 15 to 20 all the way to the right when I let off the throttle done change the fuel pump what could it be
I have a 99 dodge ram. My taillights, hazard lights, reverse lights work, but my brake lights won't cut on by pedal depression. I installed a new brake switch, checked all the fuses. I have a trailer synchronizer in my cab that I can turn brake lights on manually with. But it doesn't appear to be connected to the brake switch either. Please help, I've literally spent 17 hours total working/ researching on this and can't figure it out.
horn is blowing and headlights are flashing. pressing panic button on remote does not reset. Tried running engine, operating lock/unlock on remote. operation continues 'til time out, then reruns for another cycle
I cannot find a rear end for my Dodge Ram truck and I was told there was a recall on them!! 392Gwar Rear End
Every one says that it had to have run out of oil.but it had plenty on it.what else could be causing this and whats the best way to fix it
I had my motor Replaced in October of last year. After installation, the mechanic told me that my AC cooling fan was not working. He said if you tapped on it it would come on but otherwise it would not. He said the AC would not work correctly without the AC cooling fan operating. It wasn't a big deal during the winter, but now I need my AC fixed. However, I cannot find an AC cooling fan. I have looked online and there is nothing there showing where the location.
Only happens when the a/c is on
Freeze plug blown out on right side in the middle
I have a middle blown freeze plug on the left side of motor what do I need to do to replace it correctly
How to replace middle freeze plug on left side of the motor.
What do I have to do to replace a blown middle freeze plug on the left side of a ram with a 360
No matter what I do press the button for overdrive throw it in neutral and back in drive still won't go it was also jumping out of overdrive at 65 a before it stopped going in it would jump out if I gave it a little more gas the rpms would jump up and down
when truck is sitting still hot air blows out vents as long as moving cold air will blow out vents was checking to see if there is a fuse to fan moter or do I need to start looking at something else
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