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I have a 2008 dodge 1500 6 cyc. where is the circuits for the fog lights my truck is not a turbo
this is for a 2012 ram 1500, when heater is on the air blowing out of the driver side vents is cold and the air on the passenger side vents are blowing hot air
Truck all the sudden would not start, making funny noise. Can get it to start for short period of time but obviously not right. Gas station mechanic thinks timing chain, after research I think broken valve spring. NO WARNING signs what so ever. Drove to job came out an hour later and boom.
Sometimes my 2001 dodge ram 1500 automatic transmission will go when it's in drive and reverse and other times it wont. What could be my problem?? I heard that they have a reset button on the transmission. If they do where is it and how can I solve my problem w/o a high repair bill?
95dodgetruck 5.9replaced fuel pump now no guages work and spittin and sputtering down road please help checked fuses under hood and inside truck all good.
I have working ob2 diagnostic tool but the diagnostic port seems to be dead
When I was driving I was going 45mph and I gave it more throttle. it seemed like it shifted up then it seemed like it shifted right down because the rpms went all the way up and lagged out. It felt like when u trun your over drive off and you floor it it lags it felt like that. Fluids are all good. I drove off to go back home everything shifted fine all the way to 70 then something smelled like it was burning
The heater will not blow hot air. I replaced the heater core and it didn't make any difference. The temperature at full operation holds steady at 200 so the engine is maintaining a perfect temp. What else could be causing it to not blow hot air?
My truck is 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 RWD SLT. There is a loud noise that happens when I'm at a complete stop within first 15min of driving and doesn't the rest of my trip. Sounds like a odd gurgle/hum kinda like a low power steering fluid sound. My fluids are good. I can feather the brake pedal and it will stop for a few seconds then start again. I can also push the pedal to the floor with a little extra pressue. Anyone know what might be wrong? Thank you for any help. It is appreciated.
Gas tank is full
dose not come on till i turn fan speed to high
When truck warms up,about 15 20 mins it will die an not restart till it cools down a bit
I just rebuilt my 96 dodge 5.9l transmission got everything back together the 4wd dash light stays on when shifter is in 2wd An the truck drives 50mph at 3000rpm An won’t shift
Can I j.b weld plastic housing and radiator front area where top hose feeds in
1997 dodge ram 1500 someone answered it but did not help me trying to find where the front steel line goes to . from the passenger side to what said it goes to the metering and proportioning valve (normally bolted to the frame rail), but all ports are accounted for
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