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transmission rpm shot up on the highway, now revs and stays in 1 gear, code po1740, changed filter/fluid no change, can it be the solenoids in transmission. have not changed yet, trans shop quoted $2400.00 to rebuild, cash tight plus 200,000 miles on it. 2001 dodge ram 1500 5.2l 2wheel drive auto. any ideas would be great.
did this b-4 mechanic repaired then I moved away now 5-6 yrs doing again don't no what he did ? radiator looks good and coolent rotates through thru ?
Had cylinder heads replace was running ok .. engine light came on then hesitation at idle
tach goes to about 1300 doesn't matter cold or warm throttle linkage?
I have an extra electric fan off another truck from the condenser and I want to put an electric fan on the radiator will this one work ?
All bulbs are good ... press the brake pedal and no brake lights..... HELP
Having major transmission problems. Car shuts down to limp mode and the diagnostic tool reading mentions pressure senor issues. Mechanic fixes car but the same problem reoccurs 10 miles later. Always occurs when attempting to accelerate uphill (not at speed - just to overtake a slow vehicle). Then when taking car for test run with mechanic the third gear discs burn out. This problem happened in original transmission and we replaced solenoid, sensors, discs, radiator and hoses, filters, transmission oil, etc and the third gear discs burned out three times. So we bought rebuilt transmission, added an extra radiator and cooling fan, new oil and and the same problem has just happened again. How can two transmissions present exactly the same problem?? What are we not doing that could help us resolve this? Mechanic says to buy more third gear discs but this will be the fourth set!! And if we don't understand why it happens how can we be sure our mechanic can fix it? Many thanks for your help
1997 Dodge ram 1500 , error code P0320 , no spark . Changed crank/cam Pos. Sensor but no change , now i gives G28 as a code in the P0320 errorcode
My 01 dodge ram 1500 wont shift properly. It will only shift after 3,000 rpm but shifts fine after 40mph. I also dont have park. I had a friemd put a trans scanner on it and it shows im in reverse when in park, any suggestions thanks.
When driving it feels like a hard miss and speedometer will drop for around 1 second and come back. Had speed sensor changed but has done it twice since. The second time was at 65mph and the engine died.
How snug should the bushing behind the front seal in the transmission fit got the right bushing but just slides right in shouldn't it have to be tapped in. Has slack around it put the new bushing in and new seal put the teams back in the truck still leaked out the front seal
New top end, new cat also installed. All tune up parts also new. Has 125 PSI in all cylinders. No detectable misfire and no pending codes.
truck has 98,600 miles. now beginning to slip. what can I do to prolong not
replacing transmission.. at what mileage does the trans. usually go out.?
Turned the ignition on and then the heater,
Turned the headlights on and everything shut down !
Nothing at all works !!!!
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