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i have a 96 dodge ram van 3500 idles great got converter changed an motor knocks at high speed an sounds like its stuck in gear
Speedometer jumping sitting still but registers correct speed while driving, ABS light, and brake light stays on, when I started to take off it takes a second or two to go into gear then shifts out correctly. Replaced the speed sensor on transmission and the abs speed sensor on the rear differential.
Vibration at slower rpms.
seems like a fuse or relay, but I have no manual
I am having an issue with not much heat and have narrowed it down to possibly the blend door actuator, but I can't find it. I have located the other vacuum operated actuators but not this electric one.
I have a dodge ram 1500 year 2000 5.2 engine automatic trans. I just got her fixed up after a Long time dealing with fuse issues. Long story short I had set the jumper cables backwards while trying to jump start my truck,I was in such a rush but it was only for a split second. After that I repaired what I thought where all the problems. but the radio is still not working,dash lights and headlights work but inside the cabin lights don't work. Horn works, but transmission. Isn't shifting right. I never had this issue before. The transmission is rebuilt only 30,000 miles or less. It also just failed an emission test. The paper work says code po720 and I'm just open to any advice or suggetions.
I replaced all 4 calipers rotors pads on a 2005 Ram quad cab 4 wheel drive with a 5.7 engine bleed the brakes over and over and over master cylinder over and over nothing but straight fluid still hear a sound sounding like air getting in and out of the line and brakes still will not build up but no leaks anywhere
When idle drops if I hold the brake and tap the gas it idles back to about 650rpm. I have to do this every time I stop. When the idle does go low truck has a small shaking. Just cleaned the throttle body and didn’t solve the problem. What causes this? Please help!
Check engine light, ABS system light, parking break light. Also when starting from a stop, the truck will not down shift to 1. have to manually shift...
Pick up had been running fine. All of a sudden it wouldn't start (warm). It will start and run good for about 5 minutes when it is cold but abruptly dies as it starts to warm up. Will not start again until cold. Crankshaft, camshaft and ignition switch have been changed due to codes. Could ECM have a problem when engine bay starts to warm up? There are no codes registering. Fuel pressure is avg. 58 psi and remains steady even after engine dies. There is plenty of gasoline in the tank. Battery is fully charged. All fluid levels are good. Computer throws a weird code once in a while. Last code and engine light was low oil pressure. As soon as bell rang I checked gauges and had 60 psi at 70 mph. I checked with mechanical gauge and found electronic gauge to be correct. One code was low battery, again I checked the battery with a hydrometer and it was fully charged. This has happened in the last six months and now the dying problem. Not sure what is going wrong, if it were a sensor a code should indicate but no codes. Thanks so much for your help.
When driving I hear a squeaking sound at around 1000rpm that goes away at about 1300rpm in 1st and 2nd gear. Once at cruise speed it begins to make a high pitched whistle at around 2000rpm but only while accelerating. Goes away when I take my foot off the gas. Truck also has slight vibration as well. Was thinking it was the clutch as I've noticed a difference in acceleration, climbing hills and it only does it while driving. No noises at any rpm sitting still and in neutral. Never heard a clutch sound like that when going out before though. Also shifts through all gears fine. Truck is 2WD, 3.9V6 with 5 spd transmission.
While driving down the the truck (Dodge Ram 1500 v6) starts to miss and idual high and low while at light dies out
The sunroof stopped working. I want to change the fuse, but the fusebox labels don't say sunroof.?
Not sure what to put here the question is pretty cut and dry, I can see inside the crank case and the oil isn't moving from it. I even rotated the crank shaft and nothing.
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