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Gas gauge light stays on even when tank is full
My ignition lock cylinder won't turn
Car was running fine. Changed slave cylinder car started up. Then some codes came on erased them n now the car won't start. P0633 code is on. Called a locksmith and he said my key was programmed and good to go. Car still doesn't start.
Is that all the part I need for my car.
How what's wrong with it?
It jusim wondering what the problem could be and how much it would cost
And the battery and the alternor and it still kill on me
Turn the key and you can here the engine trying to start. It started this morning but after I turned it off it wouldn't turn back on and if it did it took 10 + tries. But now it wont start at all. You can here the fuel pump running. I used my obd2 scanner and only got a 02 sensor code. P0141. Any ideas on what to check to see whats wrong with it?
I turned the key on and off three times and have a diagnostic code.want to know what the code is saying.the code is p-0743?
I checked air filter spark plugs they are all good help please

Other than that the car has been real good and reliable but whenever I drive a Friend they always say get a tune up. However, the gas mileage is real good, over 30 on hwy. Car is maintained by good mechanic. Might this be a computer issue? I've used fuel injector cleaners etc but same result. Never had it chacked b/c it runs fine otherwise and never leave me.
have a cracked oil pan need to replace/fix
When I hit about 50 mph it starts shaking and gets worse the faster I go.
What would be the fix for this car flooding out ??? It shows no codes when hooked to a machine
just changed spark plugs, plug wires, ignition coil. now it wont start turns over but wont start
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