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Coolant level is good. Has new thermostat. Not leaking anywhere. Water pump is working fine. Radiator not broken. Fans look ok. Driving around and the car randomly overheats. Last night I got home it was on the border line of overheating but I left it on in neutral checked under hood for a min and the gauge went back down to normal. Im lost and confused.
Wheel needs to be adjusted out need instructions how
Remove and replace
Removed the passenger side tire, splash shield., but can't get the new belt on pulled back the tensioner as the book instructed but the belt is to short can't get it on. What am I doing wrong any ideas???
changed plugs and wires no help any suggestions
everytime I accelerate on this a 2005 neon I get a vibration all over the vehicle. I have changed all 3 motor mounts and I have change the top transmission mount underneath the battery. And the vibration is still there ,does anyone have any solution or know what it might be?
I drove down a rocky dirt road. When I got to my destination, a few minutes later, I noticed that my back tire had a rectangular cut in it. Only the top part was connected. The other 3 sides were all cut. Then I notice anti-freeze leaking under my car. When we opened the hood, we saw gravel here and there. Had my car towed to an auto shop.

Can anyone give me an idea of what the new radiator, labor and hoses, anti-freeze will cost me for my 2005 Dodge Neon? I read online that radiators can be replaced in around an hour. Please help, I do not have any other transportation. I am located in SE Oklahoma.
The car won't start after continuously trying to start it,but the engine is getting gas.Then the battery dies.Help.
have to pump the brake in winter to get it to work
i bought a univerail raidtor,it could be use either automactic or stickshift! Now the hose don't seem to fit and it blows cold air in and it overheats and then the car turns off!
Thw check engine light is always on, but the problem is intermittent.sometimes the car wont shift gears. I called a repair shop and told him the problem/codes and was told the solenoid pack is bad and it would cost $450.0 to replace. Is it possible that this could be something more simple like a bad sensor? Is this price reasonable for the Solenoid Pack?
when the car is acting up it seems like it wont shift gears.
I had my vehicle parked at my stall and all of a sudden my neighbor came and told me my horn is going off. Even when I was driving, I accidently went over a pot hole and my horn starts going off again, I had to hit my horn several times in order for stop. Can you help?
once running idles fine and drives down rd with no issues i have replaced plugs and wires and now fuel pressure regulator symtoms still exist!!! any help on this
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