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How and where are the door fuses located on a 2001dodge neon se
How much is the price for code po700 for 2003 dodge neon 2.0 for transmission
Metal tubes below manifold look rusty inside, what is the name of those tubes.
have no back-up lights after transmission replacement
It wouldn't go into any gear so I took the center console out and the reverse shift cable was off along with the bushing. What pieces or parts will I need to repair? Nothing is wrong with the shift cable it's just the bushing won't stay on the shaft.
where is it located
just put this engine in my car it was sitting in garage for a couple years
Anyone know a suitable E-85 engine to use?
My mechanical neon 1997, is running smoothly and all of a sudden, the speedometer marks zero (kind of turns off), keeps running smoothly until one has to stop. Then it turns off (if you let it) and, obviously, you lose brakes, steering wheel, etc. It starts without a hitch and all of a sudden the speedometer starts signaling your speed. What can it be?
Car died at 30 mph blew starter and no re or drive and only cliks need help
thay got mixed on me
Accidently got wrong valves from online (no return) source.

Any help?
I have 2001 dodge neon and my check engine light is on on my trip meter reads p1684 what is it
When I give it some gas it starts up most of the time but seems like it takes forever to start.
My car heat and rear defrost was working just fine, once I changed the fuel pump the heat and rear defrost stopped working, how can I get them to come back on?
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