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My car won't start

Just changed battery, same issue. Could this be ingition switch or cam sensor?

tranmisson wien could shif ok wien stop car shif down ,car will not shif up car trune car off restart it will shift but car will not go over 20 mil. hr

2003 intrpide will not shif after stop shut down car will shif but not go over 20 mil. hr.

It coming from by the timing chain or crankshaft I think.

To replace water pump and timing belts 2002 dodge intrepid engine 2.7 in Merced Ca 93540,93541,93544,93548

Engine will shut down if I don't hit the gas and try's to shut down while driving on highway

I have replaced the gearshift and gearshift box.I have stated this in a previous question.I forgot to included that the gearshift cable won't move.I have no idea what to do next.Someone mentioned replacing the solenoid pack in the transmission.Is that possibly what I need to look at doing?

The gearshift is jammed or stuck.Although I have replaced the gearshift lever box,it is still now shifting. What do I need to try now?

3.2L with 67,000 miles. Plenty of charge on the battery. I managed to start the car and getting it home by turning the key/depressing the brake/taking it out of park and putting back in. It worked a few more times like this, but no longer. W intend to take it to a mechanic. But it doesn't seem like a starter issue. If this is a sensor issue or electronic, I would like to discuss the possibility in order to avoid paying for unnecessary repairs.

It's a rod vertical to the front strut with a ball knuckle thing has a rubber boot? Squeezes and kinda grind when driving

Sometimes feel a bounce as if low tire from driver side. Noise is worse when starting out, sometimes fades after driving a while. Doesn't do it all the time, when there no squeal, there's no bounce. Noise goes away on highway but usually comes back when in town again. Brakes were replaced, but not rotors, braking feels rough like warped rotors. Also replaced upper tie rod bushings, but no alignment yet.

the it will start back up on its owe will a big jerking thrust sometimes i have to put in neutral to restart asked hundred people now one can give me the actual problem just what it might be if u can answer this u will be a god ty for your time

Driving on highway my car stumbled developed knocking noise and died. Wouldn't start. It started the next morning still had loud knocking noise but it started right up and drives on flat road but it dies going up the hill. Sounds like knocking is coming from top of the motor. What would make the engine die with any type of load put on it?

I have 2003 intrepid had changed flexplate and after i put it back, i started it's working but not a shocks and smoke came out from the battery terminal..i checked all fuses they look good to me, i replace, starter, O2 sensors, crankshaft sensors, l can't connect the battery it's gonna blow up, i don't know what to do next my car is parking for a while please i need help....thanks

My Dodge Intrepid's battery was getting to the point where it was almost dead and it was getting colder, So I replaced it with a new battery. I thought my car would be working just fine again but no, for some reason it refused to start. It's not the new battery because you will crank it and it sounds great but refuses to start up and get going. What could be the cause of this? It's not the battery portion or any rusty wires, it has to be something else.

I parked the car in the driveway. Five minutes later the car rolled down the driveway into the house. I don't understand what happen!!

1995 intrepid no start sometimes until I get the sun shining on it with hood up for 10 min then it starts...(no joke). Then after driving 1/4 mile engine shuts off. I park it (on side of road) and then starts right up and is good rest of day. I do need to replace my battery..just a fyi.
Have replaced coil and plug wires also

neutral. I gun the engine 3 times and then it jumps into gear. Then it drives fine???