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Right side of motor. Found some wiring harness has a braket looks like it use too attach by the transmission or to the back of motor wires almost worn through. Cannot find coolant leak though. Help
when running the ac or heater they only blow out of the defrost. the positioner dial when turning the positioner dial from vents to floor or any positon the air only blows out the defrost. not sure if a hose is off or if actuators arent working or if somethings just stuck.
Did a compression test there is no compression also now it's backfiring a real loud backfire what could be the problem
It was driving perfectly fine, didnt run over anything, never had a problem before, it just cut out on me, any ideas?
i have coil packs from 2 diff,intrepids i need to know if the higher the#if it runs hotter,always if hotter the engine runs better...
Oil pump is bad
Hi Team,

Let me brief the issue.
Car battery got died a few weeks ago and I started it with Jump start and it runs and as soon I am putting it on Drive mode or leaving it idle it was getting stop...

Today I got a new battery and when I connected its terminal it started smoke from somewhere near by radiator or Alternator...

Request you to guide...
yesterday/for 2 weeks fixing started w/4 codes now1-left.po152?sensor-circut high volt.bank2-sensor1all 4 sensers new...Whats a girl 2 do.....i have a comes in handy w/libary
While my car is running and in gear its like im applying breaks and it wont move. What is causing that. I replaced calipers and bleed the breaks.
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