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drove home light came back on. do I need to reflash computer or new solftwere what should I do please help

it will still crank and run but sounds awful.

The Peter says crank shaft not function but I replace the crankshaft it still says the same thing

air bag light on..says some thing about right

i have had it in the shop twice and it won,t stop leaking.they replaced the gasket twice and sealed it,but after one day it leaks again. this will be the third time and its leaking even more than ever now. any ideas on whats the problem. please help

my 1999 dodge intrepid turns over but will not start

(I only put a car because its required i just want a general explanation)

I've heard to trace the radiator hose to the engine then under or nearby should be the ECT.
Also I need the same question answered about the CKP sensor, Knock Sensor, MAP sensor, MAF sensor, IAT sensor, EGR sensor, TPS, A/C on/off sensor.
I've been preparing for a test in two days but every source I've been to doesn't give me a general way to find the sensors. I don't have a car accessible to see these for myself. On the test we will not be able to dismantle anything its more like the teacher asks me to find one of these sensors on a random of 7 cars.

I really appreciate any help. Thank You

hey ziptie12, pushrod, any suggestions. Car is sitting on street yet in front of house 2-3 months. Won't last. Neighbors should be gettin po'd. I am on disability from the VA. You might know what that amounts to. Not to whine but I REALLY need someone"s help. No cash flow. Kent

Is there somewhere where I could look at the timing marks on line

Drivers side power Window wont go down, figured it was just to cold in the winter and got stick. I have looks at the fuses and they are all fine. I can use all of the switch's on the driver side panel to control the 3 other power windows, but the drivers won't budge. I have no clue if the motor has gone or if the lift plate bent or broken Or of I should get a new regulator/motor.

1 of them is broken and can't find where they go. Car won't start after a idiot towed it with a strap and obviously broke one off. Could this prevent it from giving me no fire to start? I have been trying to figure this out for 8 weeks. wow

I changed the ECM I changed the cps and the csps I also changed the coil pack and it's still doing the same what can I do I'm running out of options please help thanks.

I need some advice regarding the rattling noise. It rattles when I start up the car, driving and idle.

Won't start again until cools off or sits 20 minutes.checked fault

I stop see motor oil is low and cooling fluid is low too. diagnosis said P0700, transmission mechanic said $1,500 to rebuild the transmission, car can be drive in city but on freeway can't perform good, can you tell me, if can also is the transmission oil not been change

It has a hard time to start but when it starts up engine sounds normal and could drive it around but if you stump to the gas it will not respond like it should .when the rpm hits like 21|2 close to 3 it throws it back and it does not go any faster it does not responds like it should. Other wise if you are driving under range of 2|2 or 3 it would Doe just fine I drove it from my brothers like that he lives like one hour away and it was 60mph as long I slowly press the gas to catch up speed. And this is what I replace and did not do any difference but some things where use, fuel pump was use and map sensor and I bought the new and spark plugs and filter are new and and the throttle position sensor I think it works OK

have had transmission work done cause it was jerking when taking off after a complete stop.. don't do it all the time just after driving it a distance. it is still jerking after all the work done