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ced. What would a reasonable estimate be? The underside of the car is badly rusted from Northern winters. The mechanic is quoting $700 for labor alone.
A couple minutes after the car is started the airbag light comes on, at the same time there is a beep from the dash. that is when those things stop working. Everything else seems to be fine. Any ideas.
What are the proper steps that I need to take to successfully flush the entire break system, and What parts are recomend it to change "if any" at the time of the procedure?
This noise was discovered when I was having the tires checked. There is a vibration at speeds over 35 mph. Slight, like you are travelling on a rough road. And where could I find estimates on the average cost to replace a differential?
After normal highway speeds, when slowed to 25 or 30, the car goes into a lower gear. When I shut it off then restarted it; it drove in a normal fashion. If driven in city speeds, 25 to 35, it acted normal and did not seem to be affected when speed was increased. An OBD2 code was ran on it. The code P400 and P776.
I just did the whole changing out thing 3 times and the car still woun't shift and it keeps telling me that the Shift Solenoid A is wrong.
the other day i filled my gas tank and when i restarted the car it died. this happened about 10-12 times then it finally started and ran fine.all was good after that till today. I got in the car after driving it a while it restarted normal but when i put it in reverce it kind of shook a little and died. I tried a couple more times after letting it sit a few minuets and the same thing. SO I am stick in a parking lot right now and I have no clue what to do, or even check. ALL fluids are good.
Is this going to be an epic adventure? Or is it as easy as it looks? one is worn and the other isnt and do i need to remove the entire tie rod to do this?
fans wont kick on when get to temp. they do power on when connected up to a power source. is the coolant temp sensor bad? thanks
I used a digram showing the timing marks, no problem until i put tenisor in, it seems to move the timing belt off one grouve. Do you think the tensioner is bad. if not what am i doing wrong
ac bowing hot off and on
Do you need special tools to hold the cam gears in place?
id like to fix one car with the other ones parts? can i do that?
i need to locate the fluid level sensor for the windshield washer
My check engine lite has been on. Replaced gas cap. Still on. Mechanic said there is a crack around where you put in the gas cap.
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