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i think it may be the catalytic converter but i was wondering if it could be an o2 sensor?
its has climate control
other 4 coils wont fire.I tried pulling 4 coils and testing on the 2 that were firing they will fire then.What do u think the problem is.?What would be the solution here.?why would 2 of 6 work and 4 others not?
help me please need warm air winter is comeing fast
ok car starts but going down the road it stutters and engine stops again starts go down again stops it does that till i get home i just parked it help///
I replaced the water pump and change the oil & filter and now it won't start. What could be the problem
It's a 93 3.3 turns over,has fuel persure but will not fire. what is the problem.
Front end shaking and bouncing in tires. How much to totally rebuild front end, transfer case included?
I have a engine pinging when accelerating uphills. Other than that the engine purrs like a kitten and has no problems. The CEL light was on for a bit but now is off. Wondering if cleaning the MAF will stop the pinging.
this car has sit for a year but ran fine when it was parked.i have also checked and seen all 6 plugs cranks like it suppose to but just wont fire up
The car was shaking/shuddering when accelerating to 65 and above, continued to shake/shudder even when laid off the accelerator. What should I check for?
I have filled the reservoir to full, and there is no fluid coming out. I do not hear the noise that comes with pressing the washer switch so I think I might need a new pump. Should I replace the pump and the hoses or just the pump?
My flashers work off & off
Air blows out but A/C doesnt kick in. Heater works fine, I would like to fix myself but not sure whats wrong or what to do..
Washer fluid is full, havent used windshield washer in a long time, not sure what to do
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