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Why is water on the driver's side
When I began working on this car it would start and idle,give it gas or put it in gear it dies.Had OBD ran code was for an intake vacume leak,I removed top part of intake and on the bottom side the two plugs were broke off.Assumed this was the issue,repaired and cleaned it(with carb cleaner found out later shouldn't use carb cleaner it may damage TPS,checked it and seems to be ok but not sure).I replaced intake and tried to start, it just popped real loud back through the throttle body and won't start.Spark plugs soaked in gas spark is ok.?
and just clamp it back together
when switching the heater control to off position, the light turn off on the panel, but the heater it sel does not.
Replacement of the plastic elbow requires a whole assembly
trying to fix the breaks
form the master cylender
coolant leaks 1 gallon 10 miles what is it
Only happens in winter!! Trans shifts well when warm. Often cant tell it shifted unless you look at TACH. Well maintained but high mileage. Always 700 & 731.
Emissions tester said there are no toxins being emitted but the light won't go off until repaired or replaced? which one?
It has a new sensor. 105K miles.
put new fuel filter new puel pump and new crankshaft position sensor in it already
the driver side door is electrically powered and doesnt move. it is stuck in the upward/forward position..
I am interested in buying this car but when you put into any gear it dies. the owner says he had transmission problems and had the fluid changed. I am a pretty decent mechanic but am dumbfounded by why this happens. I have a replacement tranny but dont know if it would be something else. Help
what is the best way to change a heater core
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