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I had to replace the Master Cylinder and ABS Module at 38,000 miles. I had the work performed at a Chrysler dealership. Now I have 63,000 miles and these components need to be replaced again. Is this normal? I thought Master Cylinders lasted 80,000 miles or more? Has anyone else had this problem?

the gauges in my van worked fine last night,and i got in it today and none of the gauges were working is this a simple problem to fix and what could be the problem

Fan is stuck on 1 position somewhere around the mid to high point. Cannot turn off either. Any suggestions? Knob rotates, but no change in blower.

Have 04 dodge grand caravan 3.3 engine, Diving along 65 to 75 miles per hour,heat gauge shoots up to very very hot, get out check engine,heat gun says 170to180.and upper radiator hose is closed . do you know what causes this, I have changed thermasat,coolent, and had radiator rodded out and changed heat temp sensor, does anyone have answer ?

I recently had a blow out on the highway and the tread from the tire broke out all of the plastic, stripped and tore up the wiring harness over the drivers side wheel well. Can this be easily replaced? What is this part called? Will a harness from a 2000 voyager work are the plugs the same?

The symtom is when I drive it the 2d or 3r shift drop and engine rpm go high. I took a thecnician and he told me the problem was in the transmission but before do something I want to make sure is not something else. Have some body have the same problem and how it was resoved? thanks.

My 02 grand caravan heats up fine and the temp gauge moves up normally but as soon as I start to drive, the air from the blower cools down and the temperature gauge need drops back to cold. it takes a few minutes to cool down. when I stop, it slowly starts to heat up again. thermostat problem?

the sepentine belt on my 2000 dodge caravan sport has come off twice within the last 6 months. is this a known problem?

What size tires go on a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan?

What does this diagnostic code mean so we can repair problem with transmission, fluid full, engine light on, trans not shifting from high gear.

Runs on high speed only.
Nothing on the lower speeds
fuses good
relay good
switch was in same position when it quit
occurred when i stopped at the store