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And I see no water

This vehicle steering column has an annoying squeak when turned in any direction, and what is needed to fix it and the difficulty level? Thank You

I have an ABS Light on, and I need to pull the code off this vehicle, I have an Innova 3130 and 3160D, neither will do the job. Thank You

I need to replace the front passenger door on my 1991 Dodge Grand Caravan.

At the salvage yard they told me the 91 has doors which are unique to that year.
Is this correct, or where would I find this info?

Will a door from a 92/93/94 Caravan fit a 91?


Prior to the problem the car started to lose power or reacted slower when trying to pass speedup

checked codes twice nothing ran wire from sylinode turned starter did not crank ghanged electonice eginiton did not work dose not have chip in key

I'm wanting to know what all I need to replace my A/C pump

Some Dash lights come on, gas, speedometer, and temp stop working, wipers come on, but drives fine?

So my '97 is over heating unless we run the heaters at full blast at all times. We're pretty sure it's the thermostat, but are wondering if there could be a different cause.

What do you think, I can't afford to replace the van, and really want to be able to travel further than 15 minutes one way some time soon.

Thanks in advance.

The alarm set light is on, turn signals and radio work and fan but the air quit.

I just had my A/C compressor replaced because its bearing was gone. However, it's still noisy when A/C is running. Sounds like clunking or knocking noise! what else could cause noise beside A/C compressor? thanks.

The problem is when I'm driving there is a vibration.

also I figured out how to vet codes and 5 of 8.2 came up.

It did that before and I changed the intake manifold gasket and the map sensor and it stopped for a week but is now doing the same thing over again

I think maybe it could be the coil pack or the fuel pump which would be your choice

Ihave two codes 1491 and 0118,the van stalls now and then ,but it starts up again,Ialso have the same problem with a 1998 dodge ram.Does anybody know something really is a problem?

Last summer the AC seized up on my van causing the serpentine belt to come off. The mechanic that looked at it said the AC and belt needed replaced but if I couldn't afford it he would buy my van for $300 because he had one at home just like it. I said No! My son paid him in advance to fix the fan and give it a tuneup and oil change which cost him $525 and said it would only take a week. He has had my van for 5 months and always has an excuse as to why he's not finished. Like he claims all the hoses have fallen apart; the head cover was cracked when it wasn't; the radiator was full of stop leak which caused it to split open yet I've never used stop leak and I've never had a problem with the radiator leaking; he said the transmission filter had to be changed because it had metal shavings in it but it's only been a year since I had the trany checked and fluid changed and by the mech. who said it was in great shape; The only things wrong with it, other then the AC and serpentine belt, is the brake cylinders needed replaced and I had the parts in the van for me to put on once van returned and the Power steering leaked from the master cylinder but I couldn't afford to fix or have fixed! So I think he's swapped the motor and transmission!

My dash says "gate" all the time when the vehicle is on. With headlights on the dome lights will not go off unless I turn all the dash lights all the way down which makes it hard to read the dimly lit speedometer.

A diagnostic test was done both times. This happened in in 1 weeks time. It has costed 1000.00 and the problem still exist.