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Had my '94 Dodge Caravan SE 3.3L V6 right-rear wheel cylinder reviewed & after leaving mechanic shop (10-15 mins) later my entire HUB was dismantled while driving. Wheel tilted to one side. Towed car to shop for repair. Curious to know whether the individual made a costly mistake when re-mounting my wheel or is it known that a bad cylinder could lead to a bad HUB? No prior noise or vibration until the DRUM was removed to view leakage from the cylinder. Please advise. Thank you for your assistance.

i recently fixed my vans fuel pump after 3 months and now when i went to drive it the left rear tire wont turn i put the park brake on yesterday when i was fixing it is that the problem and now my park brake is stuck??

Do I need fuel injector flush, fuel filter as well as pcv valve for this maintenance? I was told by a local mechanic that I should have plugs, new wires as well as the above mentioned items for the 97,500 schedule. The estimate he gave was $550. Please advise me if this is needed and if the costs are in line. Thank you,

Front driver-side wheel makes a noise. It gets louder the faster I go. When I turn right(at high speeds) it gets louder and I feel it. Whats wrong

My automatic door locks keep locking/unlocking by themselves & the horn starts honking, as if the car is haunted. The car has a Black Widow secondary market alarm system. I have had a problem with mice getting into the car. How do I check the wiring &/or fix this problem?

I have had the same problem as several others with my 91 Grand Caravan 3.3 V6 for three years - will not start when below 40 degrees. But this year is the worst with temps hovering below freezing all last week. I have replaced computer on firewall, starter, key switch, ignition distributor, plugs, wires, battery, terminals, (cam shaft sensor, crankshaft sensor by mechanic) and have taken apart and cleaned every connection that is visible, including all grounds. Once it starts in the morning, it starts on first try all day long. Next morning, will not start again. Somtimes first try, sometimes 15 to 20 cranks will start it, somtimes more. I cannot hear the fuel pump either, and the valve on the top of the fuel rack only squirts gas under pressure once while pump should be on then dribbles after that.

Estimate of cost to replace transmission


My '98 grand caravan lost a wheel at 65 MPH. I coasted to a stop (rather ground). I replaced the driver's side hub, rotor and pads, but the steering knuckle and or axle comes loose and allows the wheel and tire to travel into the rear of the front fender. What do I need to fix and is there an exploded drawing available?

My heater is not blowing out hot air. The blower is definitely working but the temp gets barley lukewarm. Ive had my intake manifold gasket and radiator recently replaced if that matters. Im trying to figure out if it could be something simple or the heater core. Ive heard that is very expensive to replace...but Ive already spent almost a thousand dollars on this van in the past four months...Am i looking at another expensive repair?

1996 grand caravan, 3.3L engine. Starts fine, idles fine. Begins to stutter, misfire, etc. at acceleration when cold. Runs fine, accelerates fine when engine reaches normal operating temp. Cleaned EGR value, no change in engine when unplug wiring from EGR solenoid. Thinking that its the selenoid or EGR air/gases temp sensor?

a month ago power steering began to moan at slow speed turning eg. parking, looks like fluid in reservoir bubbles with air while engine running

car stalled and no codes came up on car changed crank shaft sensor, ignition coil and map board under hood will start now but only 4 cylinders

We reset the tire pressure correctly but the light still won't go out. we drove it for 20 minutes like the book said

I have a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan wheelchair accessible van and have been told I have a blown head gasket with 75,820 miles. I'm told I will need to replace the water pump, which apparently has been leaking, head gasket, might have warped cylinder heads and the steam heat has damaged the radiator. It doesn't appear that the catalytic converter is damaged or any of the sensors. The van has not overheated, check engine light did not come on. I can't afford a new wheelchair modified van. Please give best estimate for parts and labor for above. Should I get a second opinion?

We've been told we have a blown head gasket which was caused by a leaking water pump which also damaged the radiator. Would this be true? How much to repair water pump, head gasket, check cylinders for warpage, a new radiator. This is what the mechanic told us needed to be repaired.

how much should it cost to replace the rear coolant lines ion a 2001 dodge caravan

I'm trying to replace the rear wiper arm on my 1995 Dodge Grand Caravan and it seems to have stuck to the motor drive hub. A small part came off the hub and is stuck to the arm itself at the fitting. The motor works fine, but will I have to order a new one to get the small part I need? I've tried lubing and prying it out, but it seems to be corroded together very well.

we have oil pressure but the gauge does not show it

1999 dodge grand caravan 3.8 LE. At what speed transmission should shift to top gear? Mine does at 45 mph. I think it should do at 35mph. Fluid was totally replaced by pumping it out and adding at the same time, while the engine was running at idle in park. It took about 10 quarts when fresh pink started coming out. It has 172,000 miles. No slippage. Engine running excellent. With this late shifting I get 15 miles per gallon, It should 19 in city. On highway it gives me 25mpg, which is more than speced. What should do or replace.
Thanks a million. Will appreciate it.

the alarm came on by itself and willnot shut off had to pull the

The "service engine soon" light is on. What is the problem and how do I get it to go off?

The readout on the mini-computer sits at 0 and has for a number of years. Everything else on the mini-cumputer works.

How often should brake pads be changed.

Van will not start...spark plugs flooded with gasoline. Once plugs are dried vehichle starts easily and throughtout the day; next morning flooded again as if gas is still pumping in system after it has been shut off.

I removed both front tires in order to check brake pads and then started vehicle. When accelerating and then decelerating it sometimes makes a clunking sound and hesitates on engaging. Does it need replaced? If so how? I have a new one but not sure on how to remove the old one.

From Pep Boys, there are 2 error codes with transmission.
P0750 - ir solenid circuit error
P0700 - transmission at fault present

What are we looking at in terms of cost and time needed for repair???

Left turn signal blinking too fast. Started about two weeks ago. Going in today to get an oil change and tire rotation or two new tires.

My car alarm light on my 2002 dodge grand caravan doesn't blink on and off when I lock my car doors. What could be the problem?

my dodge caravan starts up and then stall it keeps on saying no gas but i just filled it up. i looked under the relay center and the 40a abs/mod pump looks like bad