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2007 Grand Caravan SXt. AC not cooling, had it checked,could not find leak,topped up freon. Added die. Worked one day, took back. Says needs Vaporizer at back, replace at cost of $1,000 approx., or close off system to back at a cost of $400.00.
Car only exposed to elements minimally for one winter, previously stored in winter.
while being stuck in traffic and at a stand still my van all of a sudden starting a loud humming and vibration sound. at first I thought something happened to the air conditioner so I turned it off and turned of the ignition. I waited a few minutes and started my van up with out the a/c running, after idling for a little bit the loud hum and vibration started again. well by that time traffic started moving so I started driving and after a few minutes the hum and vibration stopped until I was at an idle again then it started again when the radiator fans kicked on, well traffic started moving again and after a few minutes of driving it stopped making that vibration until the next stop and idle.
is this a battery issue of sensor issue
in may/12 high quit on the front fan, then in Oct the ac quit, I took it to CTC, they say there are no leaks and system is at proper PSI, in march/14 front fan quit completely, as the weather warmed I noticed hot air flow when moving even with the sliders on cold, turning on recirculate solved that, but since yesterday it blows HOT air all the time when moving and won't stop
Whenever I turn the air conditioning on in my 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, there is a noticeable and pretty loud chirping sound that stays on as long as the air conditioning is on. What could it be and how can I fix it?
The front blowers in my vehicle are not working, but the rear blowers work great. This happened about a month ago and I replaced the relay behind the glove compartment. The air/blowers worked fine for the last month and randomly stopped working again today. Any ideas on what could cause a relay to stop working again? Is it possible that the hoses/filter are just dirty and need to be cleaned out/replaced? I'm ordering a new relay and an air filter right now. What could be going on? I would really like to try to get it done myself.
Horn sound is weak. Need location of horn assembly
changed o2 sensor got advice from other web site.po404 list egr valve.does it need cleaning or replacement
dealership trying to say a new transmission cost is $5500
the serpentine belt keeps falling off every time it rains
Would it be the controller or the fan relay?
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