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there are 2 speed control knobs one for the front one for the rear. the rear seems to work just fine except blows less on one side than the other. the blower motor in the front only works when the knob is turned to high speed. not sure what to replace blower motor resistor or control switch.

replace rack and pinion with high/low pressure hoses

The low oil light stays on.. Mechanic says maybe a new bulb will fix it..

The van does not have any heat and it runs hot periodically.

Went to work today. Battery light came on. Came home and it did the same thing. So I let the van run for 10-15 minutes. When I went back out the van was dead...completely dead. Except now, there is a ticking noise coming from the fuse center. What is there that I need to do.

knocking in front end have replaced struts strut mounts tie rod ends

when i put my key in to start my van, there is no noise. i have lights and power but does not crank over. after about 3 minutes of numerous attempts it finally sarts

The passanger air bags on my 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan SE are turned off. Is there an easy way to turn it on?

Van has new or replaced everything, including battery,cable connectors,starter, electronic distributor, plug wires, plugs, relays. Will not start when cold. Electrical system checks out. Fault code is 12-26-55. Runs rough and engine light comes on after a few seconds of running.

All doors are unlocked. The driver side sliding door will not open. How do I get the door open?

93 Dodge G Caravan while driving on the hwy the vehicles rpm went up and the van would not go past 35 mph, it was really cold out that day, a couple of days later it was able to drive up to 50 mph, then about a week after that we had a diagnostic test done and nothing came up and they were able to get it to 85mph. I don't want to spend too much getting it fixed if it isn't worth it, but no one can seem to tell me what is going on with it.

Could I use 5W30 oil in the winter? Or should I always use 5W20?

Do I have to drop the fuel tank to get to the fuel pump or is there away to get to it from in side the van on the floor?

The driver power seat switch in my 05 Dodge G.C. is no longer working. The back of the seat still tilts forward and back and the seat can still move forward and backward, but there is no up/down ability for front and back. There are two drivers of different height, so it needs to be repaired. I cannot find any part for the power seat. I can put the part in myself but need help finding part. Does anyone have any information that will help in locating this part?

My heater blower only works on high

What fuse or relay controls the radio and power outlet on the front console of the 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan? they both went out at the same time.

Its heating up fast even in cool weather

I have a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan. The air mode selector dial (face, feet, windshield, etc.) is not working. Heat only comes out by the windshield, no matter what position you have it in. Only been like this for the past 3-4 days. Never had such a problem before. What would cause this and how can I fix the problem? I already checked all the fuses under the hood by the battery. Not very mechanically inclined. Thank you in advance.

While driving down the freeway, my caravan would not go past 35 mph, we had it towed home and it sat for a couple of days, then then we were able to drive it up to 50 mpn, now yesterday it was driving at 85 mph, at first we thought the tranny was going out, but know we are really confused had a dianositic check and nothing came up. Anyone have any clue at what is going on?

How much approx will it cost to get timing belt replaced on 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan

load squelling arond belt and belt has been changed about 6 weeks ago

when I put my key in the ignitionand turn the car into the on position(battery on but not engine)and go to start the engine theres no tension or kick back, its just slack and can move freely but the car wont turn over. How do I get to the tumbler to fix it?

i gave it to mechanic for timing belt/water pump replacement. he called me home to inform that Aftermarket water pump leaks and have to buy new from Dealer and hence timing belt/water pump job cost me 1040/- this true?

I had to remove the wipers, control arms and motor to have enough room to move the tensioner enough to slide the belt on. Is there an easier way? I rented the tensioner tool at Cost Less Auto Parts.

Just had my oil change now my oil lamp light comes on why is this coming on?

Windshield washers(front/rear) won't run. I can't hear the pump motor run either. Fuses test ok. Tank was empty and low fluid level light didn't come on either. Tank is now full and still won't work

Does anyone know what size tires a 1999 Dodge Caravan takes? It's the sport edition. I don't have the vehicle with me to check the tire size.

how do u change a washer pump on a 2007 dodge grand caravan

I got in van for first time today and the right rear wheel would not turn. I pumped the brakes, reset the parking brake and popped it a few times. It rained all day yesterday and woke up to snow and temperatures around 20 today. Could the parking brake be frozen on the wheel?

If it does have a belt and not a chain, when does it need to be replaced. Thanks