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Caravan starts and idles fine but engine dies when you put it in gear.

average cost to replace brake light switch

can i use a regular gasoline in a dodge grand caravan. or what cars uses a regular gasoline

When i purchased the vehicle 2 years ago. i never experienced loss of speed but in the past 4 months ive been experiencing this problem and i dont know if it just needs a tune up or if the electrical system could be bad. I have it in the shop right now and no codes come up. So im thinking about taking it to the dealer maybe they can find the problem. If anyone has any suggestions i can really use it. thanks

how much should it cost to replace the abs pump

I just got my dodge grand caravan back and seems like it is doing the same thing. When dropped off the problem was "the guages would work, then they wouldn't, the information center would show service engine soon, alarm set, ABS, at times when this would occur the caravan would not stay running. It would crank but run for maybe 10 secs then shut off." Took it to the repair shop and they checked it, troubled shooted and figured it was the circuit board. They fixed the circuit board, today, while taking my child to school, the gauges quit working and begun to flicker in pairs. Does anyone know what to do?

Engine idle speed increases significantly after it is warmed up. How can this be corrected?

Thermostat on Dashboard shows normal temp, cold air blowing out of vents. Happening intermittently.

I will com to a stop or slow down it will just shut of

How to you change/remove a starter in a dodge caravan 2001

Ok so I put my van in the shop last Monday. I started not getting heat in Oct. I have dual heat/air. So, I get luke warm in drivers side but ice cold everywhere else. Defrost works somewhat. They said the vents weren't working so put new ones in. Still cold air. Flushed radiator still cold air checked relays and modules still cold air. The blowers and motors work fine but still cold air now they want to replace the core. But if I have defrost it wouldn't be the core correct. Please help don't want to replace everything.
Thank you

check engine light burning rubber it the ac motor or compressor?

It wouldn't change gears so we took it to a transmission shop. The mechanic there said it had an open circuit but he would have to search for it. I am wanting to know how to check the input and output speed sensor. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


last October I goot a Rear AC trouble, when turn on rear AC, only blow warm ar at flor, I made sure select head blowing so still blown hot air at the floor.
Helpme please how I can fix this issue?

How much should factory parts and shop labor be? Also, how to determine if it is leaking or not?

No diagnostic code, transmission seems fine ... once while decelerating from 70 and let go of the gas pedal, van dropped 20 miles an hour, whole front seat was in free fall.
It MIGHT have been wind sheer, But also, one time, i was parking, and as i put it in park, i was moved up an inch, and then when I left, and put it in reverse, I heard a CLUNK, like a u-joint, (this van does not have one i found out), but instead of blaming the transmmission or axle, could this be bad fuel?/fuel pump?/fuel filter?/or other fuel related issue?
I have NOT had an issue in the last 3 road trips. Maybe it was bad fuel? I use Lucas fuel treatment.
Thanks for the professional input.

Mike D.

I need to know does the 98 Dodge Grand Caravan have a coolant senser. Where it is loacated. Or does it only have a relay?

I started my van it was 5 below zero out it ran for 2min and shut off I completly lost power to everything. I changed the battery out and when I connected the cables the horn honked. Now it does nothing and I was told about the security needing reset but I don't know how. Please help. Thanks justin

So about a week ago i was pulling out of my drive way and my rear brakes werent working i couldnt stop at all so i had to use the ebrake. At first it was just the rear brakes and than the front brakes stopped working too. I dont know what is happening with them. My husband fixed them and they started working fine again but than once we got like 30 mins into our trip they stopped working again. What could be the problem

The van leaks antifreeze and I'm not driving van at this time.

codes are p0740 p0700 what is a tcc circuit how can it be repaired.and a trans control system what will i need to repair them.

Hello ! could you tell me where my map sensor is located on my engine Thanks !

my brake padel gos to the floor if i hold the pafel too long

I have replaced the timing chain, sprockets, and oil pump. My oil light was coming on before this, changed pump since I was in there. I thought it was the oil pressure switch so I changed it and still getting the light. I removed the oil pressure switch and checked pressure it was around 50psi so assuming it pumping. I have a rod bearing raising hell which is next fun project. Would like to get this fixed to at least run around town until it finally dies.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

engine light came oe egr code came on. where is it located

i have a 2000 dodge caravan i was driving and had the hot air on and it started to blow cold i noticed that the temp gage went in the red then i lost horse power to the van and then it killed and it has fluid and the belts are ok but it wont start

When I press the button to dispense windsheild wiper fluid, it won't come out for the front windsheild. The back windsheild will dispense, but only after I used to a pin to clean out the nozzle to see if it was blocked. I did the same to front window, but this didn't remedy the issue. I have checked the fluid in the container to see if any had leaked out or if it was empty, but it is at the same level. Is there a possible block in the hose(s)?

I drive my car rarely these days as I take public trasport to get into the city for work. I only drive it short distances. The van will heat up within 10 minutes of starting the engine, but then it is only slightly warm. If I drive for long distances, an hour or more, the air coming from the vents is cool. Is this a thermostat issue?

were is the oil pump and can I change it? I am handy

i used a hand held scanner it told me shift solenoid and egr vale so i replaced both the shift solenoid and egr and egr solenoid when all of this happend it was poping or back fireing though the intake now it sill not shifting right and some what sill poping have not fiugred out how the egr valve is getting water in it.