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Engine stoped once after lifting my foot off the brake. Started right away. A few minutes later stopped while at high speed. It took 10 min of trying to start. Check engine light on, but my reader showed MIL off, no codes. Worked fine for 2 weeks (MIL turned off), then it stopped again and did not start for a few hours, when it was cold. MIL on. No codes. Autozone reader got P0351, P0352, P0353. At the end of scan MIL turned off.
I will replace the coil pack, cause it's cheap. What else can it be? How can I check the ECM?
Thank you!
Dodge Caravan 2012. While cruising along open highway the front brakes smelled bad and were found to be very hot. After 15 minute cool down, I resumed 60 mph driving. Soon a soft howling noise came from front wheel area and some steering wheel vibration lasted for about 10 minutes...then all was fine for next 50 miles and brakes had cooled down at destination. Next day when backing out of driveway, the brake pedal changed from normal pressure to a momentary rock hard feel. As the pedal stiffness changed, as short humming sound occurred....then the brake resumed back to normal feel. Is this a brake computer or ABS problem?
someone tried to steal my car.they took the ignition switch out but i managed to put it back in. The car started but shut itself off 3 times.Now it doesnt turn. All the lights and notifications are on but no crank. I looked online and a video told me to interlock the plugs on the battery..i did that luck..
This is a stow-n-go model. I don't see how it is attached. I removed all nuts and bolts visible, and it won't budge.
i replace a new radiator and i believe air is in the cooling system i can fill the radiator up in a few minutes the water go down in the radiator what cause the water to keep on gown down in the radiator? i drove the vehicle and i had my scan tool hook up and i was checking live data the temperture gauge went up to the red mark and my scanner show 251 but when i cut the engine off i didn't hear the water boiling in the radiator what cause the gauge to go up to the red mark? seem like the faster i drive the higher the gauge go up but when i slow down the gauge come back down to 1/2 mark if the enging was overheating wouldn't the water be boiling in the radiator what cause the gauge to go into the red?
I can't get my 2013 Dodge Grand caravan 2nd row stow-n-go seat's headrest to fold when trying to stow it away
I heard a clank when starting to drive my van and felt like I ran over something metal then steering wheel shakes when I drive and van pulls to drivers side. What could this bee
car is staying half hot from C/H needle
Had accuator replaced now clicking noise under dash and code flashing in rrar defrost button
my van accelerates smooth no problem changes gears fine only when i am slowing down and it gets to exactly 30 mph it will jump/jerk does that sound like i need a whole new transmission or could it be something easier/cheaper?
Did not do this before new battery install.
2005 dodge grand carvan 3.8L cooling fan run all the time when the engine is running.
the radiator is leaking at the top.
Can i put fender from 2010 Grand Caravan on my 2005 Grand Caravan
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