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Sometimes I have tapped on the battery terminals and that seemed to help it start --- but I do not really think it made a difference. Sometimes I jiggle the key --- hold the key down for longer than normal. Sometimes I just wait a day and then it will start. ??????????
low beam on one side, high beam on the other side,
one of each when switch is held.
replaced both bulbs, same condition.
relay? location?
Replaced alternator on a 2011 fudge caravan crew flex fuel van. Now it has the code "no fuse" and won't start. Please help
Radio stopped working after my windshield was replaced. The EQ lights below just keep blinking. No Sound. No clock.
The dodge dealer said it needed a soft wear update. But when they did the update it still did the same thing
2013 Dodge Grand Caravan
I cannot pull the third row seats up. The bigger seat has the pull cord. The smaller seat does not. They have always worked before. But now they feel locked. They pull up just a little. But nothing more
How many miles on the van?
feels like transmision is sliping in and out of gear oils fine replaced throtle position sencer already what could it be?
I live in 11706 area code. I have a 2013 Flex-Fuel Dodge Grand Caravan. All the gas stations that sold E-85 gas don't sell it anymore, why? And I've been using reg gas since, will it harm my system, it's been over a year now. Should I start using Super or Premium gas?
2014 Dodge Grand Caravan. I have a key Fob. I've only had the van for two months. Purchased from a used dealership. For about 2 weeks out of no where when I turn my Key the van wouldn't start, then I'd give it a second try and it would start. Then it took a couple of turns. Then it wouldn't start at all. Now I notice for the last few days that my clock keeps getting reset to a totally different time. The van key would turn but nothing. The battery is a year old as of July 2017. The battery cables have been tightened and there is no corrosion present.

What could be causing my clock to reset as if the battery has been disconnected and my van to not start sometimes at all and sometimes after turning the key back in the off position and cranking it at least twice. By the way this does not happen every single time I try to start my van just maybe 1 out of 10 times of starting the van.
Should a timing belt be replace after it broke on a 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan with a 4.0 engine.
I boughtvthis van not working was told the timing chain is shot and needs new ignition coil so I put new ignition coil on new timing chain put everything together and it just sputters a little. I put a spark plug wire tester on just fires occasionally. So is my next step replacing the timing sensor?
I notice that the window work better when the drive side door is open but not all the times, some times the window go down automatic like supposed but go up little by little after pressing the switch several times,
Never had any problems until this started
No power going to blowers. What could it be
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