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the code that shows up is a misfire and lean air/gas mixture. I've had the spark plugs, wires, map sensor, coil pack and catalytic converter replaced. the van still hesitates and when i first start car up, the check engine light blinks until I drive for a minute. Thank you for any advice.

when I step on the gas my car just sits there for up to 20 seconds or more and then all of a sudden it takes off

the problem occurs at 1800 rpms or less

Can this yr caravan be reset

Third time in repair shop for leaking A/C. Replaced A/C compressor but still have a leak in system. Where are most leaks found?

is there a recall on the gas tank ? Very low gas mileage 13 to 15 mpg

I'm working on the front blower motor and keep blowing the fuse but the motor never even turns on even tho I replaced the resister the motor and the fuse. I just can't find the disable

p0700 will come up. changed speed senor imput with no improvement. change tcm relay with also no improvement. friend thinks it might be the torque converter locking up

Problem occured one time before but parked it and went to leave next day,everything was fine and then recently started again.has not went away?

Why is van shaking when you step on gas
Why is seatbelt light on after the shaking started
Why is check engine light not on anymore

Does not do it with accelerating or decelerating just maintaining between 35 and 40 mph

the instrument cluster gayges don't work

Long belt is hanging off and power steering is lost. Felt a kind of snap in steering column. How can I fix this?

Relay switch for trany fan was replaced and she now will not start have checked all fuses replaced filler neck and took care of evap leaks can not for the life of me find a gas line diagram on my specific vehical its a 3.3 l v6 front wheel drive no lead fuel

Totally non functioning all the time.

The ksy fob stays in the ignition but wont stay connected and the van dies...even while driving

Has issues starting. Will turn over several diffrent times before starting. Sometimes it will die right away. The computer is not throwing any codes... Please help. Since july 2016 it has gotten a new ac compressor, radiator, fuel pump,& tension pully.

this happened 5/7/17 this is the second time someone has this trying to steal my vehicle

Water comming from rear of motor to far back to be the water pump and to high up but cant really see to good also the a.c. lines where covered in sweat so wasn't the pully at the back of the motor below the alternator but above and to the back more of the water pump

My 2003 caravan was stalling while I was driving and would start back up after a while. My husband changed the crank shaft sensor now it has not stalled but the speedometer when stopping at a light is staying around 20 miles per hour and the van is jumping. once I take my foot off the brake it dives great any ideas.

Car will not go in park gear

I have a p0420 code i do not have signs that engine is idling bad or running at lower power and i dont want to replace the catalytic converter if i dont have to

Is this a heater core issue?

I just asked about my ac,another thing I noticed is the blinkers go haywire also,they will blink on wrong side. If I turn on left side the right side goes on. Just does this when ac messed up. Is there a connection between the two?

My ac sometimes works when turned on but sometimes will not come on at all. Blows out fine and cold when works. Just started this sometimes coming on and sometimes not. Trying to figure it out.

Fuel pump works and getting gas to rail. Changed coil pack srill wont start

It worked yesterday but not today

MIL is on, read errors came together P0128 and P0740. How to fix it? What may be estimated cost of repairs?

We have had issues with the VES not ejecting DVDs now it will not let me load one. The DISC like just blinks.

Weve had issues with a dvd not coming out now we can't get one to go in. The DISC light just blinks.