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Transmission gets hot and slips or will not go in gear atall
Light came on while driving home, also the oil temp never reached above the cold line on the gauge. And i had barely luke warm air coming out of my heater. I did not have my code reader with me so I did the "key dance" to see what code would come up. No code was given and then read DONE. Any ideas where to start trobleshooting?
The passenger side window stopped working all together. The power lock controls stopped working from the driver side as well. I replaced the whole control switch assembly and it did not solve the problem.
My 02 grand caravan turns over then it will only for a split second act like it going to start then goes back to just turning over
i was at a store and put items in back of 2013 dodge grand caravan se by opening sliding door. drove approximately 3 miles and was unable to open either manual sliding doors to get items out. later in day went out started to drive and the doors were ajar. what could cause this?
the van turns over and sounds like it is hitting but still wont start. Someone said they tested for fuel pressure and said it was fine
1997 dodge grand caravan LE 3.8. Front & rear wipers not working. Checked motor, multifunction switch, fuses & relays, all are good. Front washer works, rear washer doesn't. When hit with the power probe at the BCM wire harness back wiper & washer work. Need all the layman's help I can get. If u could go over in great detail how to check wire harness with a multimeter would be great help. What wire/color to check what reading should or shouldn't they have for voltage and resistance in high/low/intermittent. It's a 4 wire harness red/yellow, brown/white, green /white, black. Go over the relay posts in the PCM and what readings should I get with a power probe and multimeter(ohms & volts). Some people say it could be the BCM but the vast majority believe it's a bad wire or ground. Hope I covered it. TIA
08 Grand Caravan SXT came o.e.m. w/16" wheels but... 2 of the wheels have " chunks " knocked out of them due to curb job. I have 17" wheels I'd like to replace them with and want to know if they'll fit with proper tires of course. Probably mess with my speedo a bit but what about transmission, computer, etc ?
I have a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan that is beautifully camperized. The vehicle is completely spent and so I would like to move the conversion into a newer DGC. Can you please tell what years will the body be the same as the 1998 model?
The battery was down because I left tail gate open for several hours. When I tried to start it the engine could not turn over and the instrument panel did it's out of juice thing. Now when I try to jump start it, the engine cranks but never fires. The instrument panel stays dark and the gauges do not move. The electric door locks do not work but the radio and heater blower do. The dome light comes on with the ceiling mounted switch but not from the rheostat on the dash. Also The headlights do not come on with their switch but do come on as soon as the ignition key is turned to the position where the fuel pump starts. I do not believe this is normal behavior for the headlights as I have never noticed it before.

I believe I could run this down if I had a complete wiring diagram but from some partial ones I have seen it looks as though some of the logic may be inside some "black boxes." Any help will be appreciated!
Vehicle ran through some water and now will not start
1997 dodge grand caravan LE 3.8. Front & rear wipers not working. Used test light have power. Checked motor it's good. Checked fuses & relay, are good. Front washer fluid works but front & rear wipers don't work & rear washer fluid doesn't work. Money is major issue, need all the layman's type help I can get. If u could also go over in great detail how to check wire harness with a multimeter would be great help. Which wire should be checked what reading it should have what position as in high/low/intermittent it should be in with the corresponding wire color etc. The same detail for power & resistance checks would be very helpful. There's 4 wires with stripes but primary colors are 2 on 1 harness are red & either purple or brown. The other 2 wire harness is green & black or blue. Possibly go over the fuses & relays again as far as with relay removed what post should light up with test light. With 30 amp fuse on the power distribution center both sides light up. Hope I covered it. TIA
Unrecognizable symbol stays on' bought used no book.
Have a vibration at all speeds. In town driving and Highway but less noticeable the faster I drive. I can feel it in my seat and in the steering wheel. About a month ago I rotated and balanced the tires, and before that I replaced right front tie rod. Also a new transmission and radiator. Doesn't leak anything. In the colder air, below 20 degrees my steering wheel makes loud noise similar to friction sounds. What could these problems be?
Sometimes I have tapped on the battery terminals and that seemed to help it start --- but I do not really think it made a difference. Sometimes I jiggle the key --- hold the key down for longer than normal. Sometimes I just wait a day and then it will start. ??????????
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