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There doesnt seem to be anything that triggers this problem it happens just out of the blue. I was told about tipm issues but everyone wants $100 just to check to see if the tipm is the issue. I have no issues replacing it but if it's not the culprit that would be a waste of money. Ideas? Suggestions?
I will reprogram my key fob and it will only work a couple times before I have to reprogram it again. I also just replaced the battery. I have the key fob with the lock unlock and open/closes the sliding doors. Any suggestions?
Po401 and po403 first popped on on my 2000 Dodge Grand caravan 3.3 liter. I had a mechanic fix it and bought a brand new egr valve with the sensor ( po403 built on). Had mechanic turn off engine. They said from three times from hot to cool that if the engine light didn't come back on it was fixed. Well fourth day engine light came back on. Check engine said. Po401 again. What is wrong with it?????
Mechanic "thinks" it is the fuel pump. Turn key and tries to start but doesn't.
2006 Dodge Grand Caravan
Our van was completely dead, so I got a jumpstart. After driving around the neighborhood, I came home and parked it, and turned it off. The next morning it was dead again. Got another jumpstart, and came home after driving it. After 1 hour, it was dead again. Is it the alternator that needs to be replaced, along with the battery? Or is there something else going on?
My Ven goes into limp mode 4 or 5 times a week. I can turn off the motor for 3 or 4 min. and start it back up and it well do find for sometimes hours, sometimes just a little whiles. ???????????????????????????????? NO noises or leaks...
the brake abs and traction control lights are coming on sometimes when its started sometimes not till you turn the wheel or hit a bump could it be a sensor loose or bad
drive line output shaft can i remove it and use it as front wheel drive only
Splash guard to pr email is goodotect the altenator
The rear brakes are grinding
While turning front wheel locks up. Making a loud ticking sound after 20 mph, doesn't increase or decrease with more speed. Locking up then releases after slowing down it's the right or passenger side. No vibrations or pulling.
Hello my 2005 dodge grand caravan was recently broken into, my steering column was destroyed basically, my mechanic replaced the entire steering column with the column of a 2005 Chrysler Town & Country with keys & all, my van will turn on but won't stay ON, it's like is stalls out maybe not getting gas. Please any input would be greatly appreciated. It's the only vehicle I have and really need it to get my kids around. Even the mechanic is at a loss I think. Thank you!
Had a cracked hose going into the heater core, had it replaced and fluid topped off, fixed the issue with no front heat but still no heat in the rear.
My power windows just stopped working. They won't go up or down. I've tried the switch and fuses. Also when they stopped do did my rear wiper.
i checked the tires for wear and looked and felt for bumps but the tires look good
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