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I hit water puddle it killed starter replaced it now won't stay idle or run without foot on gas?

What seems to make the problem better or worse? seems like it shifs better when ther is more weight in van
How long have you had this problem? a couple months or more
my 05 caravan HVAC blower works on all settings however, after about five to ten minutes of run time the fan will begin to decrease in blow speed. it's like someone turned the fan selector to low but the selector is set to high but the fan blows as if it were set on low. in some instances where the vehicle was turned off, then restarted the fan wouldn't run at all.
How long have you had this problem? after replacing the A/C compressor about three months
Everything controlled by the multi switch blinks on and off. Along with all the dash gauges. I have already replace the multi switch. What's the next step ECM or PCM. I called dodge and their isn't a BCM on a 2008. Which all the sysmtoms point to a BCM.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Hot days make the symptoms more frequent
How long have you had this problem? Intermittent for a couple years
I replaced the fuel pump . Now the van will not start.
How long have you had this problem? since replacing fuel pump
what is a reasonable price to repair one wheel lug bolts and spinedal
What seems to make the problem better or worse? don"t know
How long have you had this problem? don't know
about a day or two after I had the accident my check engine light came on and it wont go off I was told that it's because there's nothing covering the engine is that true
we have air that blows out of the back vents but nothing blows out of the front vents
My van runs fine except for the starter when I go to turn it over it clicks but doesn't turn all the way over. All the troubleshooting I have done points to the PCM I have a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3 liter sport and I was wondering where it was located
Took my dodge grand caravan 2011 into dealer for T33 recall fix. Steering wheel wiring. Left unable to drive. The traction control light blinks and upon pressing brakes they grind and make weird noises. Went right back they tell me it's a clockspring issue and took out a fuse so I can drive home. They say the wiring issues with the recall masked the clockspring issue that's why it wasn't apparent until now. Is this true or did they break something and want to charge me $500 to fix it?

What seems to make the problem better or worse? same all the time.
How long have you had this problem? two or three weeks.
how many transmission quarts does it take to fill a 2016 dodge grand caravan sxt
Dodge Grand Caravan
on 2000 dodge van i pushed parking brake down. it is stuck and non responsive in down position. parking brake engaged. would like to find simplest way to release it until i can get to a repair shop. am i up a creek with no row in my boat?
When I move the lever to hot, it gets hot but when I move it back to cool it stays full hot!!! It will not blow cool air now, only hot.
Code 1793 it just stops as I'm driving.
the code that shows up is a misfire and lean air/gas mixture. I've had the spark plugs, wires, map sensor, coil pack and catalytic converter replaced. the van still hesitates and when i first start car up, the check engine light blinks until I drive for a minute. Thank you for any advice.
when I step on the gas my car just sits there for up to 20 seconds or more and then all of a sudden it takes off
the problem occurs at 1800 rpms or less
Can this yr caravan be reset
Third time in repair shop for leaking A/C. Replaced A/C compressor but still have a leak in system. Where are most leaks found?
is there a recall on the gas tank ? Very low gas mileage 13 to 15 mpg
I'm working on the front blower motor and keep blowing the fuse but the motor never even turns on even tho I replaced the resister the motor and the fuse. I just can't find the disable
p0700 will come up. changed speed senor imput with no improvement. change tcm relay with also no improvement. friend thinks it might be the torque converter locking up
Problem occured one time before but parked it and went to leave next day,everything was fine and then recently started again.has not went away?
Why is van shaking when you step on gas
Why is seatbelt light on after the shaking started
Why is check engine light not on anymore
Does not do it with accelerating or decelerating just maintaining between 35 and 40 mph
the instrument cluster gayges don't work
Long belt is hanging off and power steering is lost. Felt a kind of snap in steering column. How can I fix this?
Relay switch for trany fan was replaced and she now will not start have checked all fuses replaced filler neck and took care of evap leaks can not for the life of me find a gas line diagram on my specific vehical its a 3.3 l v6 front wheel drive no lead fuel
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