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some say to cut it out ,what exactly would that mean? what tools are needed??

Ticking sound (sounds like baseball card on a bike spokes) from the right side of the engine at start up. It increases with acceleration and diminishes after engine is warm. The sound can be heard when car is idle,but low. The car mileage is around 16K miles only and I have been doing the regular service at the dealer's workshop. I hope it is not serious.

The temp gauge on the dashboard did not register that the truck was hot. Truck shut off and would not start back up.. after alittle while it finally did start up..But now it sputters like it wants to backfire but doesnt.. my first thought is get the overheating figured out but im really worried about the sputtering and rough driving now.. its not running hot right now of course.. what could it be? any suggestions?

found battery to be bad had tested replaced /when it stalls out .it cranks wont start up auto shutoff relay,starts shatering ,when it cools down will start up again,seems to be a therma prob ,replaced cpu a couple years ago,seems to have same problem .live in phoenix ,can i test computer module with mutimeter/any ideas

it says the 1999's were recalled for this problem, it is still happening on later years like mine, why are the 2000 year not recalled for them

The wheel hub is damaged (bended) and needs to be replaced

But sometimes it still cuts out fairly bad. My Ex taped the harness wires to the first injector a couple yrs ago, do you think that would cause this problem I'm having with it cutting out? Or would it be something different??

the head gasket was leaking ,then now after 1800.00 it is a cracked block in moter is the block only replaceable or do u have to replace whole motor????

I had a leak from the sunroof leak down my A pillar and get into my fuse box. I fixed the leak and dried out the fuse box and checked for busted fuses (were none). so now my brake lights don't work and my cruise control does not either. i replaced both brake lights (both were blown) and the brake light switch, and still no brake lights working. all fuses under hood and in cabin are fine. please help!

The break caliber locked up and after they "fixed" that the 4wd light cam eon they say its the tansfer case control module. But is the control module a seperate piece then the tarnsfer case, ive read places that it could be an accuator. if that they say its easy to fix like a fuse.... HELP PLEASE!!

Hourly Maintenance rate for a crank sensor, distributor cap and fuel pump?

has vibration at 65 m p h

on cold starts

and completion of a transmission service , fulid exchange and completion of a coolant service.

It started as I was putting the car in reverse yesterday. It did a little sputter, but I pressed on the gas and it was fine. I used it this morning and it was fine. I tried to use it again today and it will turn over but not start.

the car cuts off every time you take your foot off the accelerate, also when the car is in drive.

i am trying to remove my rotors on a 2005 durango i have loosened the em. brake , i have used penetrating lube on the hub and i have tried beating it , i am wondering if i have to loosen the em. brake more or if you have any other advise

when driving in the rain my durango trys to stall

when the inside car heater working AND PUTTING OUT HEAT it not over heating, but it there no heat coming in the car. it will over heat all this started like a month ago.

My keyless entry on set of keys (including spare) will not work to unlock doors must use manually, already tried replacing batteries. Passangers cannot roll their individual windows up and down only driver can opperate,already tried the power lock window button. I've already had window motors replaced and computer replaced i've already put nearly 1000 into this car. Please help!

heater would't comm on to warm car

when i am driving and giving the car gas it is fine but when i stop pressing the gas and i am just cruising i feel a hard jerk, sometimes harder then other times, any ideas what this could be? i was thinking maybe transmission could be slipping gears...

Repair, and or replace the drivers side electric window regulator for a 2001 Dodge Durango SLT 4.7L

I have a hissing noise inside the cab when the air conditioner is on. However the pressure in the system is just over 50 lbs which is in the good range. I have no cold air.

my break lights wont shut off

We are retired and hope to make this our last purchase. How mechanically sound are the Durango's and what are the primary repair issues?

Thank you for your help

I have a 5.7 HEMI engine, do it have timing belt,timing gear
or a timing chain?

:i need to know what censor code is p 00051.

My Durango stalled a few days ago due to Flash Floods in our area, now it is whining when I touch the gas and when it is idling it makes a rough noise.Is there anything that I can check or need to do?

how to replace the rear brake rotor. I tried to remove the rotor so I can replace it with a new one. but I can not take it out. Please advise the right way to do it. Thanks in advance.