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Truck is in great shape and runs great but has been exhibiting random stalling, like ignition was shut off. Most often just after initially starting, sometimes just randomly. maybe 5 minutes, maybe 20, it just stalls. Usually it restarts after turning off and on. No apparent connection to engine speed, vehicle speed or temperatures. No codes shown in odometer (P Done). Have not used code tester but expect no results. Have replaced cam sensor still same results. Could it be related to the security system? Once in a while shows the security light and fuel gauge goes to empty. Any ideas very welcome. This is racking my nerves.

have replaced the brake switch and the rear brake Abs dokota does not have front abs...could this be a stored code or the rear tires might need bleeding? what do u all think ?

saw that my truck was lowered to much for me to enjoy it due to the rubbing/ grinding. i had it lifted alittle until i could pay for the lift i want. rubbing still there passenger side i havwe to et a front end alinement to offten an the outside of passenger tire is almost gone other half of the tire full. when backing up ass end going to my left thats when i get a rub into a loud grinding, when making a uturn the pass. tire an rubbing loud. what needs to happen to get this fix? lift it more? replace what, just need to know a idea of what so i know where, to get this reliable truck fixed

this sound came after i had to go faster getting on the freeway to keep from getting hit from a guy who lane changed at the wrong time.

Truck hit a small cement pole and busted front fender, radiator and waterpump. Everything bought and changed. When waterpump was put in water was going into motor. Need to know if I do a flush and change motor oil will this fix the problem?


The mechanic that put the belt tension assembly on says he didn't hear a thing, it is so loud at idle there is no way it can't not be heard. The belt tension assembly was suppose to solve the problem, it didn't.It doesn't make the noise while driving, only at idle. The alternator is new, the air conditioner compressor is new. I am at a lose of what to do and am afraid to drive it.

I put a new Transmission into my Dakota today and when started it doesnt idle and when you try to put it into anything other then park it dies.. Any ideas what could be wrong with it? We checked all the wires and it passed a codes test...

when it dies starts back up

what if you put the wrong color anti-freeze in the truck?

starting in spring of 2008 my 1991 dodge dakota has been idling a little high,does'nt kick down after starting ( when attempting to speed up even a little it only reves up but does'nt eccelerate), I've replaced the EGR to no effect, along with the fuel pump & filter, and I have poor horse power & gas mileage. it happens every day & every time i start it, I was told that it could be /is probably due to the trans mission sticking & a dirty tansmission filter. unforunatly i don't know the diagnostic code, etc.

some times wont start,some time will cut off running

I had a cat/converter put on and it started to rattle and 2 days later I took it and they adjustedit and the check engine turned on. I left and bout a hour later the truck did not want to want run even when I stepped on the gas. I have a car gage and it read a code,

problem started when i changed the cat / converter

I need to replace a broken rear wheel stud. Is there any trick to removing the drum?

How much does a vehicle like this cost.

the engine turn but to start is a problem,so my mechanic said that is engine brain box,but no way to fine

the truck makes a rowing sound while I am driving.this problem occures while drivng all the time

1999 dodge dakota v6; miles unknown, but it is a farm/ work truck; so i imagine the miles are high. the problem buddy is having is that the power steering fluid resevoir will not stay full in the power steering reservoir, and leaks out as fast as he puts it in, and as a result now he has overheated the engine and anti freeze has boiled out the last time he has used the truck.

why smoke comes out my exorce pipe every time i start the truck

My 1990 Dodge Dakota is hard to start i hav to try at least 6 or 7 times before it will actually start and then it sounds like it has a miss.i eve sprayed carb cleaner in it then it starts right up.

where is the power steering pressure located on a 2000 dodge dakota 4.7lv8

where is the voltage regulator on the 91 dakota is it in the alternator or in the computer?

What causes the output tube of the AC compressor to be so hot you cannot hold hand on it??? even when the AC seems to be cooling Ok it is still too hot to touch...

I checked oil. o.k. have cleaned the pcv and it is all clear. the engine makes no noises and runs perfectly fine. Do not know where to look next

Rear Brake line corroded and needs to be replaced.

cost of replaceing timing cover gasket

bought the truck used. Service dept told me to use 5-20 synth blend. I have called 4 Dodge dealers and they all told me something different. One said 5w30, one said 10w20 2 told me 5w20???which is correct???

The rpm guage goes up and down, while sitting still and while driving down the road. And sometimes acts like it doesn't want to shift from one gear to the next. the code on diagnostic i think was EVA.

all the time like the brakes are sticking but i checked all of them no problems how an where can i get a used or repair kit for my dodge is my rear end bad bang an loud noise bumpping