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for 2 days now, when i drive my 09 dodge charger the automatic door locks go off repeatedly for a few clicks and then it stops for about a minute and then repeats, i have also noticed it only does this throughout the afternoon when its hot outside, works fine in the morning and at night (only had two days to test the theory on whether it is affected by hot weather). I have also changed the battery after talking with my mechanic.....did not fix the issue. any Ideas?

when i stop or after the car is off the smell of oil by the hood is dominating. timimg chain broke at 60K and chrysler replaced engine. since engine replacement oil smell has been present

I have a engine light on I toke the charger to o reileys to get a idea why it wss on. He put the computer to it the code was p000d a cam sensor. Will I have to change out the cam? Or is there a sensor for the cam?

What is a ball part cost to get it fixed any help for me I would appreciate it. Thx

wheels, tires and alignment have been verified and it affects gas milage.

We have never had any problems with it acting up. Yesterday I drove about 5 min, went for a walk then 30 min later it would not start. It barley turns over. I have all electrical working. I have had the battery tested, the key fob tested and changed the starter relay like many have suggested. i am guessing it might be a starter but not sure why it would work then 30 min later not work. Im desperate!!!!! some one please help!!!!!!!!!

my car will not go out of park how do i start it to get it to the dodge dealership

My car is an automatic 2008 dodge charger

it also runs around 2000rpms and no higher

I had the oil pressure switch replaced including an oil change. The check engine light is still on. My charger is a 2006 with hemi, its reached 200,000 miles, has my charger ran its course or can this problem be fixed. Its runs very well and best of all paid off.

I tested the two pink 30 amp fuses per the owners manual, and they are fine. The blower motor worked fine, when we parked the car, and in the morning it did not work. HELP!

Where is fuse for cigerette lighter.

when it won't start the starter keeps running until you turn key off

The check engine light is not coming on. It has 106,000 miles on it. I just had the fluids and spark plugs changed about a month ago. First time this has happened.

I went through a big puddle on my way into work this morning. I didn't see it so I didn't slow down at all. The car is still driving normally, but whenever it's moving, there's this loud noise throughout the whole car that sounds like static. It stops when my car is completely stopped. It did that for my whole 45 minute drive in. What could be making this noise? And if the noise has stopped by the time I drive home from work tonight do I still need to be worried about it?

Side markers were leaking water..took out cleaned , sealed and two months later problem happened. Only see 2 exterior lighting fuses any ideas? Lights on same wiring but plate show low voltage and side markers show none


I'm trying to set shift points in a software dashboard program. Dashcomand.

It just happened now for the first time

I would want to now what to do

My charger trembles sometimes while driving it, stop somewhere put it in parking don't cut it off, put it into drive and it cuts off, so far it starts right back up.check engine light isn't on, I don't know what to do help please!!!!!!

Just started after 65000 miles

When I turn on the ac I smell fuel it's very faint though

Abs sensor lights up when left turn signal returns

The fulepump comes on

Rear suspension makes a knocking sound when braking going downhill

At first I thought it might be the engine but when I put the car into drive and hit the accelerator the car goes forward to about 10 mph and pops out of gear, I then put it in neutral and then back in drive and the car does the samething. All of this happened after I changed the oil sensor, oil sensor, alternator, belt and belt tensioner, all 16 spark plugs and all 8 coils as well as an oil and oil filter change. The symptoms I described started happening after I change the oil sensor. Also the RPM's went way to high while in drive before shifting back to nurtral.

it won't shift out of 1st gear

The check engine light is on, it has alittle over 51,000 miles on it

my car its not accelerating or responding as it should it stalls and RPM Are at 1300 when it usually are at 500RPM. any suggestions what the problem might be? it has 101, 152 miles on it is a 2008 3.5 dodge