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lights blinked turned off car didn't start back up tried jumping it. still didn't start
The car wont start at all, believe it is something with the engine. i just wanna know what could it possibly be and how much it would cost me.
I disconnected the battery first, I also replaced the map sensor and the PCM had a little water in it and was cleaned with sensor cleaner. the lightning bolt went off and everything was fine after clearing the codes. so I thought it was just the PCM, ran fine. I put the original clean one on today and started running like crap again, took the PCM out again after disconnecting the NEG on battery. back to the same way, bogging out unless I floor it to the floor... it goes then or runs ruff. these are the codes at first P2135, P0221, P0222 AND permanent loss of communication, I have changed the throttle body 5 times and took all hardware off and changed the filter. please help,

I have a 2006 Dodge charger RT 5.7 Hemi my car is switching gears but as i get on the road and go to drive it do not switch gears. My battery went dead yesterday and i had to get a new battery. Now my car will not switch gears as im driving and picking up speed. Someone told me a solinoid and then i was told i need to change my fluids and my filter.HELP HELP HELP
Driver's side headlight stopped working. I replaced the headlight, twice actually. It still didn't work. A mechanic first said it was a relay switch, a $260 repair. I okayed it, but then they caled back saying, no it would actually be $1,106!
I have no problem while driving but while idling or at stop light this light flashes on for a second or two how can I trouble shoot this or what is the repair?
I have a 2011 Dodge Charger SE. I had my radio replaced 3 times. The static can be unbearable at times. The antenna is in the back window.
i just changed out my plugs and cleaned the throttle body
Someone know why did this happened ? Is there any recall related to this problem? It is an R/T model 5.7 engine.
I want it to be the exact same door, it was in a wreck and it all dented etc.
Have had problems with my 06 dodge Daytona since I got it. Had to have sunroof replaced, tie rods replaced, battery in trunk replaced. Ebs light stayed on. Gear shifter stuck had to have that replaced ,gas, filled up n car stalled constantly till I wasted 1/4 of my gas. Airbags replaced. This was all out of my pocket cause they claim there was no recalls on any of the problems I have had. Now the alternator....
I hear a knocking in the right rear of my vehicle as I'm driving
got car in non starting condition. code 0340, 1101, 1110? replaced spark plugs, csm sensor, timing belt. set tdc. turns over, wont start. now no codes. all fuses good.
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