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when I turn on my heat in the mornings, theres a loud clicking/popping sound on right side inside of car. this just started, its usually in the mornings, its cold, and I was thinking maybe im not letting the car warm up enough before turning on the heat, not sure.. but it does it, then after I start driving, and turn it back on , it doesn't do it anymore
Car, Dodge Challenger 2013 sxt. Wheel and tire specs front wheel 20x8.5 and 245/45R-20. Back wheel and tire 20x10 and 275/40R-20.
This is correct according to the manufacture.
I have a 2013 dodge challenger SXT 3.6 L VVT Pentastar engine and I have a oil leak coming underneath the intake manifold. There is a engine pad under the intake manifold that is soaked with oil not sure why it's soaked with oil.
Its showed up when I bought some new tires on the front but they are bigger than the ones on the back what's wrong with it
labor cost for fan assembly replacement
Is it normal to see lightningbolt symbol just for a few seconds on start up?
Goes away and does not come back until next startup. Only lasts a few seconds each startup.
it makes a cranking sound? drove thru some water after a bad storm. my car has less then 5000 miles.
evening my abs and traction light came on. about two weeks before that i got my tires rotated and balanced. is the anything I can do before taking it to the shop. I was told my sensor could be dirty. also i was told i could ahve a blown abs fuse.
I Had Left upstream and downstream oxygen sensors replace and the engine and traction control light won't go out.
I am thinking of purchasing one of the warranties that covers to 60,000 miles would like to know if it is worth getting it because my Nissans never needed many repairs prior to that many miles
My 2012 dodge charger won't start!! At first it didn't recognize my key then it completely went blank... meaning doors locks don't work, trunk don't open, everything.... someone help me...
My car is new 2014 6 cylinder.
Mileage 2000 km
I have had driver's window "computer" replaced twice, air bag sensor replaced, and most recently alternator fried battery. The service manager said these are all common problems, just not common for one car to have all these problems. Do I have a lemon? What recourse do I have?
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