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When I go over 60 miles per hour my car misfire
Alt burned went bad on my 2010 charger rt...replaced it and checked batt and it came out good..checked all fuses from both fuse blocks and they are good... What could it be i have no power at all?? Ive been told need to replace the fuse box engine compart??
I took my 2012 challenger in for the timing belt recall and asked them to replace the water pump since they had to take it off anyway. They said they only have to "partially" remove it and want to charge labor for replacing it. I don't mind paying for the part, but feel like I am getting hosed on the labor.
the car will run great and if i shut it off all power comes back....
just got car and bad engine had broken rod, put in all new parts now not getting fire
I checked the codes it was giving and it said cam sensor so I replaced it now it is giving different codes about the throttle and air flow I checked to see position of throttle it is opened a little about a quarter inch it closes when u turn the key to acc but but opens right back up and will crank but not start
battery discharges while driving, but no light , engine idle up and down, windows going up slowly. battery light comes on , then goes out,obd II scan shows no codes. changed battery to new one, no change
P0741 CODE. 5.7 L hemi
It does nit go into second gear
Has been happening more in winter during cold temps°. Becoming a security concern and also drains car battery. I've read other forums that said replacement of door latches needed to fix problem mostly on 2011 models. How much $$ to repair at dealer?
i have a 2014 dodge challenger shaker and wanted to know if a 2014 SRT challenger lower bumper air dam will fit my car thx
What are the advantages of long tube headers over stock headers and shorties? I'm interested in upgrading and car about performance and exhaust note.
Y did my car shut off, my lights went dim, power steering pump went out inside lights on dash wud go on and off
We replaced fuel pump and did not help at all.
I have been having problems with my car starting. ItI not my starter and I just change both my relay and run start fuses....i don't know where to go from here the only other thing I can think of is a short in some wiring some where.
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