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I discovered the rear window of my van blown out while parked in my driveway and have no idea what happened.
What causes this,how does this affect the smog,who should I take it to for a fair pricing and how long does it take?
Works fine on defrost. When I turn to Vent or any other position it stops blowing cold air. A/C light stays on.
van sometimes starts but won't keep running
It's off track, but need a new motor
My husband was working on the break caliper on my van thinking that's why the breaks wouldn't work.. well turns out he just knocked a hose loose when he replaced my spark plugs... but once he fix the hose and the breaks work again.. now my stirring wheel is off center I have to keep it turned right about 15 degrees to keep the vehicle driving straight, how can we fix this and what happend?
Also loosing a lot of fluid from resvior prior to changing cap.
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