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Hear sound near rear of van. Shop opened gas door and it was louder. Replaced fuel pump. Now does it intermittenly.
Could it be something else?

I have a broke out spot about 8 inches by 12 inches. If I can repair it with a metal covering over this spot let me know.

I have a crack in the fascia. Note that this Caravan is a fog light model which makes it hard to find the front bumper fascia. I am pretty sure it is the V6.

automatic window making a louder, cracking noise when rolling up or down.

RPM fluctuation when stopped at a light or driving between 30-40MPH

van hood will not open

go to start the car and cylyniod clicks and it wont turn over could it be the cylniod or starter

I changed the starter on my 1997 dodge caravan sport and now the exterior and interior lights wont come on I retighted the wires to the starter and checked all the fuses dont know what else it could be

have replaced coil, full tune-up ,ignition relay, stranded please help!!!!!!!!!!!

Te transmission seems to be locked in 3rd as its only forward gear. It will go 60-70 MPH but, based on higher than expected RPM's (no tach), I do not believe it is in drive. Changing gears (S,3,D) while in motion has no perceptible effect.

have grand caravan & tried to change cabin air filter but only "select models" are changeable...can I cut bottom of unit and retro-fit a filter. car is in Fl. and smells like an old frig.

I'm being told the integrated powermodule needs to be reprogrammed to make my low beam on driver side to work.

A/C starts off fine and after long travel 1-2hours little or hardly no air starts coming out of vents and not as cool.

My brothers van won't start he said that the starter is good but there is no fire to the engine any suggestions on what it might be?

How to open area where air filter is? Do you have to loosen hoses,clamps,etc.?

I need to know if my van 4 cylinder, 1994 mini van, should have a fuel injection flush? If it is done what can happen to my van? what would be the cost to have it done and also the cost of a fuel injection replaced?

I have no opwners manual & will be replacing the air filter and then I will be changing the trany filter and I would like diagrams or instructions to do so.

Gauge lights on dash would go out. Banging on dash would make them pop back on they are now out all of the time. Can't get a code to pop up.

heaterfamdoesnotwork wasmakingnoisebeforitstoppedworking

my dash gauges come on in the morning but goes off and stays off when i turn off the key

Auto zone checked and stated that the computer showed a "no signal from tcm" error.

Car is acting like it is not getting enough gas and sometimes backfires. Tried fuel pump, filter, gas treatment and starter coil. Diagnostic tests show motor is okay. Had it done twice. When adding gas treatment I keep the motor running only by giving it more gas ; then died and would not restart.

need to know the price of a remanufactured automatic transmission

cooling fan does not come on -tested fan its good

i bought this van used not knowing someone took the front passasger brakeline out. how much dose it cost to replace it?

every couple of days in the morning I try to start the van and it would tick, I would try a couple of times and it would tick, tick then it would start. I think it might be the starter, but the battery is dirty around the connection too. I know i need to clean the post but does that have anything to do with the it hesitating to start

I was told that I have no engine compression. What does this mean?

2000 dodge awd caravan 3.8l engine.tran doesnot shift when goes uphills and stays on until turns off engine for 2 mins and restart. it backs to normal. What is the problem?

My runner lights and head lights to do not come on but the yellow outside lights an inside lights do, I call myself having the fuses check should I do I have more than one?

all the power in my van works it makes no sounds when i try to start it. no clicking or anything. it was driving fine. the shocks were going bad but i dont think that has to do with it, if its the starter what do i do?