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If I turn the engine off while going down the road and turn it back on it shifts fine. It seems to do it more when its raining or there is alot of moisture in the air.
I changed a faulty heater control module (the controls under the radio), and when I plug that in, my gauges quit working. They work fine if I leave the wiring unplugged on the heater controls.I left the controls on heat and defrost and I do have the fan control plugged in for defrosting and heat for cold mornings. But doing so, I do not have control over temperature or control for rear window functions now (defrost, wipers, etc). Could problem be in wiring itself or with the cluster, or perhaps the used heater control module I put in. The self diagnostic on the heater control module ends up with no fault codes, but with the heater control wiring plugged in, I cant even get the self dianostic on the cluster to activate until I unplug it from the back of the heater control.
the ignition key has been lost.
im trying to see how much i get mpg, how far distance i can go before i run out of gas,etc,etc
and the code does not clear
it only comes only sometimes & not when I'm braking
had a friend of mind do my radiator in i beleive he mess up cos now i hear noise a in notice some fluid not coolant leaking on the left side of my van it does not look red what could it be
what are those mental grey tubes on the lower left side of the raditor in what fluid do they tranfer aroubd in what are they connecyed too
How should I go about getting this diagnosed & repaired without getting taken advantage of. Code P0740
i have a gas leak it leaks out just from sitting and especially when i start it up.
Shifting is OK,moving correctly but does not select gear, its Auto transmision system.
Is there something I need to replace like a fuse or the lights themselves?
Also my AC starts to blow just cool air when the temperature gage starts to rise in the hot zone. I have a 2000 dodge caravan. I'm not sure but it seems to happen sometimes when i'm driving over 45mph. I turn of AC and slow down and the temperature gage goes back to normal and the AC will blow cold air again until the scenario happens again, whic is frequently.
used a MAC smoke injector and can't find leak. replaced hoses and still getting code up to two weeks after I clear code
What does this indicate. Instructions say take air conditioner repair station.
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