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2006 dodge caravan 2.4L

How long have you had this problem? One week.
while running at 55 mph, started to kick back like no gas getting to engine
I was driving my 2000 dodge caravan sport out of town and all of a sudden my dash lights all came on and started flickering and my headlights went dim and the van died. Took battery off and went to auto store only to have to buy a new, charged battery. Vehicle ran fine for about 15 minutes then did it all over again. So we then took alternator off and had it tested to find out it was bad so we replaced it with an alternator that tested to be good before we put it on. Cranked up and ran just fine for an hour. Then it started acting even worse. All my gauges seemed to had quit working, my headlights went out, every dash light came on and even when I would push the had it would not exceed 35 mph. Now it's sitting on side of road. What would my problem be??
I put freon one day and the next day its gone
How often should spark plugs be changed
Check engine light is on
When I step on ecelator petal the rmp dial goes to 5 and engine revs up but the speed goes to 20
the headlights and wippers dashcluster inteior lights stop working the problem comes and goes
How long does the car drive before it dies?
Is there a check engine lamp on
is it the camshaft ? if so, then where is it located at 2000 dodge caravan.And how to replace it.
Cruise control doesn't work passenger side window only goes up/down on driver side. And the back windows won't open
I checked the radio fuse located under the steering wheel but it didn't look blown but I replaced it anyway. Is there a fuse for the radio in the fuse box under the hood?
Replaced coil still no spark, charged up battery and cleaned terminals, still crank but won't start.
van wont crank over
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