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Lately my car has been making that dinging noise that happens when a warning light comes on (ie fuel light or check engine light) but it's not accompanied by a light. It happens about once a day but today it did it three times while I was making the eight mile trip to work. Do you have any idea why this would happen?
Got home shut car off and it won't start
replaced both low beams, one on passenger side wont work. there is power to the plug. switched bulbs it still wont work
My car started spilling out gas from under the rear drivers side, under the area where you put fuel in. It won't stop. It's leaking out all fuel that I put in within 30 minutes
I drove over 30,000 miles had accident and almost year later discover a noise I was having was transmission and there's 3 qts fluid missing. Mechanic said only dirt under my car is from the road.
radio come on lights come on car just won't start
My AC is blowing out hot air
Was cool these day Freon got put in them all of a sudden the next day on my was to work just started getting warm someone said meaner it's over charged
Controls on original board had a short.once new one installed Ac no longer works. Compressor is engaging and Freon levels are good. I'm stumped
I have a 2008 Dodge Avenger with 136,000 on it. Whenever I switch off the car and start it within around 10 minutes, transmission doesn't engage and car runs at high rpm. After switching off, if I wait for about 10 or more minutes and then switch on, it engages properly and runs fine. It has been happening from when I bought it used, 6 months now. Mechanic at Dodge dealer said there are no codes and that he couldn't find any problem with the car.
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