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can not turn key all the way to the left and can not remove the key from the ignition
my car seems to shift or down shift kinda hard also sometimes it stays at 2000 revs at 30 to 40 miles and sometimes it goes down to 1500 or 1600 something like that what could be wrong its only got 70.000 miles 2.4 engine i heard there might be a solution i just dont know what that is
i jumped it and it started when i removed the jumper cables it lost power and turned off could it be a fuse i heard there might ba a 120 amp fuse but could not find it 2011 avenger 70,000 miles
When you press the remote buttons nothing the car seems dead like a drained battery. Is the key to blame
Engine light been in since I purchased the car, had it checked several times keep saying gas ca replaced the cap twice
Blowing heat on one side
The car want make a sound checked battery and every thing. I did drop and break key the night before
When I turn on the heat or air there is a loud roaring noise when it comes on. Just not sure if it's the blower motor or not.
I had it checked and it said the camshaft position sensor but now the check engine light is blinking
already replace tensioner and battery
how can I get the code without paying to have it done or how much does it cost
My car want start not even with a jump start but everything is on but radio.
how can i fix my faulty radio and my new battery from always dying? my radio hasn't worked for a month but before then it came off and on. the radio problem began almost a year now. Now my new battery dies every day.
The engine lights is not on
The Electronic Throttle Control light comes on and when you shut the car off it resets itself. We have replaced the throttle body already and the light still keeps coming on and still having the issues of losing power while driving.
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