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My passenger window would not roll up so I replaced the motor now it will roll down but not up, I tried both switches same thing it will roll down not up
My 2010 dodge avenger just got a new alternator put on. Drive fine for 20 min. While waiting at a red light about to go the ETC (electronic throttle control) light starts blinking. Then I notice that my car cannot pick up very much speed, also not able to drive over 40 kmh. While stopped and car is in gear my engine sounds funny like it's misfiring. Why? And what Do I do?
some times the car will just die and have to be jumped even tho i make sure to turn everything off before shutting off the car
caused a fire by catching shock tower cover on fire should be a recall I feel on battery cable since a new one costs over 300

etc light comes on and car stalled out
What would cause my 08 Dodge Avenger A/C to blow hot air only? It was freon charged and worked a couple days then right back to hot. It was fine for years then suddenly just started blowing hot air and stayed that way. Is this typical? I see a lot of common issues wrong with this model that I've experienced too. Perhaps this is one.
My front passenger window won't roll up, but will toll down. Now my key sensor doesn't lock the doors.
While driving on highways temperature gauge stays in the middle. If im sitting a red light too long the temperature gauge starts to rise.
I was told it may be my crankshaft sensor is this the problem?
My 2013 dodge avenger passenger side window rolled down. It's been three weeks, can't get it to roll up with either switch, all the other Windows work. I'm trying to figure out what the problem is, can you help me p!ease?
My dodge avenger won't start and I jump it and it will start right away and run for as long as needed but soon as you shut it off immediately after it won't start is it the battery or the alternator
The paint has been scratched away right in the curve of the frame of the light. No damage to the light. Car color is white.
No play in bearings, makes no noise when lifted , but just rolling the car on the ground noise comes back , very loud like a helicopter during deceleration
I started it up fine,went around the corner,cut it off,and when I tried too cut it back on,wouldn't start,lights, radio,everything was working,got a jump started right up,what could be the problem
When I turn my a.c. off I hear a knocking noise about 30 seconds
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