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It zometimes turnsover but will not start

i understand there is either an "f" or "c" in reference to engine options but what is the difference or what does it actually stand for? is it a difference in power levels or something to do with that?

After first starting up fine, van stalls in drive. Then becomes almost impossible to restart and will only drive off if I press gas and brake, Rev up drop it drive then it may sputter and stall or manage to drive forward. I've burned out a caliper this week trying to keep it running

Truck running for a while dies out
When truck is cold works

Run on Mobil-1 Synthetic oil. Gas is ARCO 87. Car does not have MAF to clean.

randomly bell comes on, then all gauges go down to zero but car keeps running

what are tune-up intervals ?

I replaced the heater core, thermostat, and completely flushed the system, including the heater core. The truck still only blows cold air. The water pump is not making any noise as if it going bad. The hoses from the heater core both warm up, as do the hoses from the radiator. Any suggestions?

code 1900
turbo gone out I think

Occurs often. I use a screw driver to move the pink part by the gear shifter to move the shifter into drive.

i replaced the windshield wiper motor but the wipers are still not working . all the fuses are good . the windshield washer will work but not the wipers

Battery totally dead.when I jump started I pressed on gas pedal turned on took off foot of gas pedal engine turns off

After it was installed need to know whats the problem

We check ttuck regulary and. Lately been having to afd transmissoon fluid

P0340 is the code that's popping up

I have checked the wiring harness and the bulbs, they are not the problem. My backup lights don't work

The car dings as if you left lights on this happens when driving. But not every time

What causing my car to jerk when I first get and it to drive.and then its as I drive it, it starts to smooth out then.

I left the key in the ignition and when I returned the battery was dead, I used a jump box to get the car bak running but now my air conditioning is not working.

It's been doing it but it would reset itself when we turn the climate control off and turn it back on but now it won't work.

Tranny was repaired, switch was working but repair place said not sinking deep enough. So I want to put lighted toggle switch in. What type wire and fuse and how to wire

How many miles did any of you all have on your vans when you experienced this issue?

hear some noise when on highway, hard to tell due to road noise. not tearing up tire

Still misfires what to do next.check engine light comes on while idling

Crusies control not working

My "mechanic" took the pump off and hasn't returned. Now I'm stuck with several bolts and different lengths. I need help

Change each spark plug the oil and oil filter the will just turn now it will not start up and it was running before I changed this stuff Dodge caliber 2017 where or what did I do wrong

If i keep my van under 45 mph my van doesnt shake at all.... if I get up to 45 mph or greater my van shakes and doesnt stop shaking. until I stop or park

I lost my car key fob

Adding. Starter fluid