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Happens after sitting overnight.

We have had issues with the VES not ejecting DVDs now it will not let me load one. The DISC like just blinks.

Weve had issues with a dvd not coming out now we can't get one to go in. The DISC light just blinks.

My cars in the driveway for a week when I went to drive it again the battery was dead put it on a charger it started up fine but when I started it up the dashboard would not work including the speedometer, gas gauge everything in the dashboard tried to disconnect the negative cable and positive and touch up the 30 seconds that did not work either. Radio and AC stuff work fine

All other electrical works in the van

My van worked fine then wouldnt start . I changed the fuel pump and also fp relay. It Didnt fix the problem what should my next move be someone said could be (pcm) or coil pack??

Accidently got wrong valves from online (no return) source.

Any help?

It was jerking and felt like it slipped out of gear and now will not go in even after adding 2 quarts of fluid

TTYS to come out of gear when you let off gas. When driving up hill it came out of gear and has been not wanting to shift since sometimes it will sometimes it won't

I check all fuses but none of them are blow and change the light ball and nothing works but only my headlights do work

horn quit working, relay does make clicking sound when horn button pressed. Is it the horn(s) or the relay?

I've got a '94 Dodge Ram B250 that will drive forwards, in reverse, and will idle, but will not accelerate. I'm far from a mechanic, and am living out of/traveling in this vehicle, so I could REALLY use some help!
***This is everything I've had checked out and replaced***

New battery, spark plug wires, fuel pump, air filter, neutral safety switch, distributer cap, rotor, camshaft position sensor, ignition coil, and PCV valve.
All wiring has been checked and is connected, spark plugs are good, starter is good, tranny is good, engine is good, fuel injector is good, fuel pump relay is good, timing is good, computer is good, fuses are good, alternator was recently replaced. No check engine light, and no codes. All fluids are new and at their correct levels.
This vehicle does not have a catalytic converter. No codes, no check engine light.
The van will rev when I'm in idle and push on the gas pedal, but won't if I'm in drive, but will move forwards and in reverse, if that makes sense. There's no other way I can explain it.

There is also a loud blowing/slight whispering noise that sounds like it's coming from the intake manifold.

My truck has always started right away. I keep up the maintenance. Lately it turns over but does always start right away. It's getting worse. It's not a fuel pump problem or tune up issue. Pump is only a few months old and not close to tune up time. Could it be the ignition switch? Or what do you think?

having problems with the driver side window, it won't go up but all other windows are working fine.

When I start it sounds good I put a new oil pan new oil pump course oil change new spark plugs new distributor and rotor as well as a new fuel filter and fuel pump but for some reason when I come to a light or braking for a turn my oil pressure have drops and then the truck Will sputter until I can press the gas or most often dies leaving me to have to throw in neutral and restart this has a 5.9 360 with a 727 torqueflight transmission

Code idle air control cyl try's 2 clr code start 1 second light back on same code what to do?

i after parking for an hour my van wont start thought it was the battery bought a new one drove for 1/2 mile parked for a little over an hour and it did it again all lights are bright but when i turn the key it acts like the battery is dead if i jump it awhile i can get it started again and it will start a couple more times then do it agian please any help woul be great

Can the filter be changed without any problems

Car will turn on and idle but when I press the gas to accelerate, it will only get up to about 25mph then stall and shut off. I changed the fuel filter, in hopes of that being the problem but it was not.

(2010 CHARGER SE 5.7

Check gages light came on and coolant overheating smells like smoke

turn key on try to start but nothing lightning bolt is on radio and lights work try to start and nothing.... its a manuel can the clucth switch be stuck....or is it something else

van battery drains after it sits for 2 days. second new battery. i installed a shut off switch to get by for now.
shop cant figure it out after 3 trips in there. what relay could be powered while van is just sitting there for days.?? glow plug heater???

After or before 40-50mph there is no shaking.
Ive change brakes, rotors, and did alignment.
Also car makes slight popping noises from front wheels when going 5-10mph on smooth road.

getting check engine light code p1494

Air will flow out of panel or floor and then when car warms up switches to defrost vents air condition will come out of any vents like panel or floor or both only occurs with heat

No spark no tart power getting to coil all fuses are good

Replaced Rear ABS Speed Sensor​. Still same thing. Also week before 50amp starter fuse keeps blowing so I hooked up a toggle switch temporary. Now the speedometer and ABS Light. Also no reverse lights and A/C blower not working either? Where do I start next? Ideas?

My Dakota has a bad ticking coming from the engine area it seems like its a lifter can I adjust it or is that what it seems to be ,it idels rapidly when its getting driven for a few,check engine light comes on