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My 02 grand caravan heats up fine and the temp gauge moves up normally but as soon as I start to drive, the air from the blower cools down and the temperature gauge need drops back to cold. it takes a few minutes to cool down. when I stop, it slowly starts to heat up again. thermostat problem?

I have a 2002 Dodge Intrepid. I don't know much about cars so bear with me...

I was we're traveling up to Ohio from NC and my engine light came on. I ended up stopping at Auto Zone and he hooked the car up to the computer. It showed a missfire? He said I needed to change our #4 coil pack and put anti-freeze in it. I put in the anti-freeze and changed the coil pack ourselves. Last night the car started running hot so I took it to another Auto Zone. The guy told me to unscrew the bolt connecting to the battery in order to reset the cars computer so it would work with the new coil pack. I did. It is still heating up though.


Where do I find the tension brackets for my car? I need both sides because the seemed to have fractured.

My 2000 Avenger w/184000 miles started idling rough.Rpms drop from 1000 to below @ idle.Check engine light is now flashing.Head gasket? plugs?

the sepentine belt on my 2000 dodge caravan sport has come off twice within the last 6 months. is this a known problem?

What size tires go on a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan?

What does this diagnostic code mean so we can repair problem with transmission, fluid full, engine light on, trans not shifting from high gear.

Runs on high speed only.
Nothing on the lower speeds
fuses good
relay good
switch was in same position when it quit
occurred when i stopped at the store