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Took my car to a new shop near by because it was over heating.They said their was a broken head glass.Somehow they said the car wouldn't start at all on them after I had taken it in.They gave me 2 options.1 to sell the car / junk it. 2 to put a new motor.So I went with the new motor.Told me to give them $1000 to start on it cause they where gunna look for one,and so i did.Took them 2-3 weeks to get one.Called them multiple times and they said that it was gunna be done by next week.Its been almost 3 months without my car.Untop of that I took it in runing,just wanted them to check it out cause it had just started trying to over heat and I was concerned.And now it dosent even turn on.Thats why I'm asking if something normal or am I just over reacting.

The truck did an update this morning now I have this problem?

The bulb has been changed but still no contact. All other lights work. The brake light on the passehger side is not working but the tail light is real bright and it is a new bulb.

Engine won't crank or start

No problems over last 4 years. Battery is 3 years old. Last night turned key and nothing. Battery is 12v all electrical components check out 100%. 74xxx when I bought it, now has 135xxx. Starter? Ignition switch? Spark plugs?

p0700 will come up. changed speed senor imput with no improvement. change tcm relay with also no improvement. friend thinks it might be the torque converter locking up

2 read .4 ohms, 2 read 300 ohms

i want to drive without seat belt on

In my 2003 Dakota 3.9 L V6 , I have coolant slowly leaking from one of two bolts left side, front of engine near crank pulley. I had to add 1/4 gallon coolant to my overflow 06/09/17. Then again I added coolant on 06/16/17, when I noticed a leak under my truck. Today(06/17/17) it leaked again and added coolant.

Lost power on road so put pedal sensor whole gas pedal not fix then throttle cable box still not fix. Pushed gas pedal to floor slowly disconnect cable to battery don't know what else to do.

Keeps blowing fuses and car shuts down and won't start. Has blown4 fuses.

What is the problem? Has blown 4 fuses.

It doesn't slip just won't go into drive tranny fluid is clean no sign of metal or burnt fluid

Car over heating

vehicle wont start must be in gear.

Happens on a constant basis, otherwise it's operating normally.

Ive been looking around to see if anyone else has has this issue with rpms and their car, i have a 2007 charger Hemi. When accelerating on a slight incline or decline, car will not accelerate, but when i press on the gas, rpms go up to 3. I have to pull over put tye car in park and start all over. Cant accelerate hard from a complete stop at a light or otheewise.sometimes when i accelerate rpms move and car struggles to shift, yhen shifts hard with a loud thud from the rear end, I see ppl say its a solenoid? Anyone have this problem or fixed it? Thanks.

I seem to notice it happening when I stop or put the care in park

Any Idea what I need to do to get this fixed or why it's doing this?

Need to replace the record and mode 2 doors on the AC.

Last year while driving the car the engine died, and was very difficult to start. The dash engine light and brake light illuminated. When checked by Dodge Dealerships, they said the analysis showed a number of problems, but felt the problem was not repairable. I took it to a local repair shop and they got things right for about two months and the problem started up again, and the brake and engine light remains on. There are times I can drive 40 miles before it dies, and other times a get a few miles.
Any ideas??

Was driving and didnt notice it ran hot until the beep on my car came on and steam and water spewed. I was told I blew a head gasket and my reservoir had a hole in it.

trans wants to shift back an forth esp. when lower speeds 35-50mph auto fluid all good looks new

How long does the car drive before it dies?
Is there a check engine lamp on

is it the camshaft ? if so, then where is it located at 2000 dodge caravan.And how to replace it.

Changed out crankshaft censore still not working

My truck died when I stoped and won't start. The p0562 code popped up. How do I fix it.

I have a 03 Durango it ran fine when I first baught it now it won't start just turns over when I spray starting fluid in the throttle body I will start and run fine until I shut it off I have changed the fuel pump ,crank sensor , cam sensor , ecm , map sensor and still just turns over I have fuel in the fuel rail but still nothing Any suggestions would help

Anyone know a suitable E-85 engine to use?

Problem occured one time before but parked it and went to leave next day,everything was fine and then recently started again.has not went away?