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My 1998 Dodge Dakota my heaters not getting warm I have changed the thermostat and put in new antifreeze but it's still not getting warm only when I drive down the road does it get warm
When the headlights are heater wont work.turn lights off it works
In my dodge magnum 05 the heat had never worked for more than 6 yrs, last Thursday I had a check engine and I scanned the car and found the codes U1403, P0700 which I erase before I get the problem fixed. I was going to do some work on the steering wheel and last Saturday I disconnect the negative from the battery and let it sit over the night. And yesterday which was December 24th I got no cool air at all only the heat is working now. As I said before heat was never working. I went under the hood to check the A/C compressor, it worked fine and when I touch the cooling tube it is supper cool that's mean the A/C suppose to blow very cold instead it's contrary. Need some help please because before even I put the heat all the way to the max, I will feel no sign of the heat and now it is visa versa even I turn on the A/C I only got the heat. Please help.
It only unlocks from park to low gear then back to park then it unlocks
Changed tccm, still nothing. No indicator lights on switch. 4wd quit working after battery went dead. 2001 Dakota sport 4x4 3.9 . Fuses all good.
I have changed thermostat and heater core as been flushed. It will random blow at different strengths when but in highest fan setting.
I replaced crank sensor, coil, pick up coil, cap rotor, plugs, ignition switch, timing chain. Seems like it wants to start but no start. I tested all components electrical everything ok. Fuel pressure 48 psi. Injectors test ok also. Cleaned battery cables.
I have a 2001 stratus x vin with a rod knock. Will a 98 stratus x vin work as a replacement engine?
I ran over a tree stomp not to long ago and my break light came on. I put break fluid in there and the light came off. Shortly after it came back on. I'm sure I have some type of leak. Anyone know how much it will cost
Did it a couple wks ago but started back up after couple tries, then no problem until today, now it just wont start keeps cranking. Replaced crankshaft censor, still nothing.
Horn blows in the middle of the night and when driving.
Also wondering if you have any video on replacing the horn relay or procedures.
My temp gage will be normal while driving, when I'm at a stop it slowly starts to make its way across the halfway Mark, but never makes it completely over to the red line. What should I check I've added coolant and don't see any leaks.
Unrecognizable symbol stays on' bought used no book.
I just put a new alternator around May of 2017 I have 59305 miles and now I'm have problems with my car reversing sometimes it hesitates and sometimes it doesn't want to move before it kicks in to reverse. I shouldn't be having this problem with low mileage. And I get water in my right floor board I guess from my air conditioner. Could you please respond back because I'm getting worried or my car really messes up. By the way took to Gladstone Dodge to see if recalls on my engine for Avenger SXT and he told me no but to deal with it. Not very happy with his response. Thank you Edward Franco
I have a 2012 Dodge Journey with dual climate setting. The driver sides vents gets hot but the passenger side is cold. I haven't found any leaks and the the cooling system is full. What is causing this?
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