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I was told the blower door was stuck....where is that located and is it an easy fix.....2010 dodge journey
My 2000 dodge neon is overheating I've replaced the water pump/timing belt/ radiator/thermostat/thermostat housing/every hose imaginable/ fans/ and still keeps getting hot, what else could it be? There is no smoke coming out of the tail pipe, nothing mixing with the oil.
The dodge dealer said it needed a soft wear update. But when they did the update it still did the same thing
they tell me I have a short in the instrument cluster and HVAC Module. But I concerned because the instrument cluster shows all gauges working and has never presented a problem. However the HVAC Module does not show the display unless I tap on the dash. Which I agree it might be bad. But due to the cost of the cluster I concerned about paying $1273.10 for the instrument cluster. How can I confirm it bad also.
My truck is 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 RWD SLT. There is a loud noise that happens when I'm at a complete stop within first 15min of driving and doesn't the rest of my trip. Sounds like a odd gurgle/hum kinda like a low power steering fluid sound. My fluids are good. I can feather the brake pedal and it will stop for a few seconds then start again. I can also push the pedal to the floor with a little extra pressue. Anyone know what might be wrong? Thank you for any help. It is appreciated.
I have a 2002 dodge stratus.
My car set for over a year un started and I just had a new motor put in it,
The radio will not turn on, the lights on the radio worked when I turned my headlights and I could hear my cd player making noise. I took my old radio out thinking it was so e thing in it broke and bought a new radio. I hooked up the Antena and power adapters correctly and hook the new radio up and it didn't turn on either. I got new fuses so I know they are good, I checked the owners manual for anti theft codes but did not see anything in it about that. Does anyone have aNY idea of what I could do ??
When i got into my 2002 Dodge Dakota today, no one had driven it yet today. I got to a stop sign and the truck kind of lunged forward and it acted like it was gonna die. I waited a min. then started to drive and it died. It wasn't doing this the previous day. Why? As i drove around town I noticed that it seemed to go away after I had been driving later.
Gas tank is full
dose not come on till i turn fan speed to high
The third brake light will not work
I have this dodge charger that i just bought but the horn doenst sound at all? Am looking at the book to see wheres the fuse for the hornare but thiers none ! Can any one help me out? Wheres located or what could it be thanks in advance !
I went to auto zone and they ran the test not it and the codes p1491, p0443, and p1495 popped up. Does this have something to do with the check engine light not coming on? How do I fix these codes
2013 Dodge Grand Caravan
I cannot pull the third row seats up. The bigger seat has the pull cord. The smaller seat does not. They have always worked before. But now they feel locked. They pull up just a little. But nothing more
Was Intermittent but now nothing works on steering wheel
the back up sencers go off when I am in reverse with a trailer hooked up
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