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My truck won't start in park but will in neutral and then it's shifting hard in 1st not all the time. Sometimes it gets up to 3000 to 4000 RPM before it shifts into 2nd

New timing belt waterpump cam/crank sensors plugs wires and coil

I checked the radio fuse located under the steering wheel but it didn't look blown but I replaced it anyway. Is there a fuse for the radio in the fuse box under the hood?

it acts like its not making any compression. even if my injection pump was bad because it's happened before. if you take some 2cyl mixed gas and spray it in the intake. it will fire up. mine doesnt even try. i drove to town. went in and got something to eat. came out and it hasnt tried to start since. the code it throws is no help. everyone says the code is related to the lift pump but in my opinion it acts like the valves are open when they should be closed building compression

My 2003 caravan was stalling while I was driving and would start back up after a while. My husband changed the crank shaft sensor now it has not stalled but the speedometer when stopping at a light is staying around 20 miles per hour and the van is jumping. once I take my foot off the brake it dives great any ideas.

cost to get fixed

I do not have ac compressor is bypassed.. heat works well-- problem is the vents start blowing hot air-- even at night when it is cool outside, at times it does not happen - same happens with wipers, they are working fine the next minute they stop

When the AC is running water drips from under the dash on the passenger side, Why?

Everytime we make a turn in the truck it makes a noise and it is hard to turn. So could be my powersteering pump or something else?

Would a bad EGR valve cause my 96 ram with a 5.2 V8 to act like it is starving for fuel at 3000rpms it starts and idles perfectly

Just started after changing plugs just started making loud noise after taken up road when parked cut off n back on

ive replaced the IAC, TPS, and crank PS already and nothing has worked. Ive got gas and a spark so I really dont know what it could be. 1/2 the time when it cuts out, the check engine light comes on and sometimes even the brake and ABS lights will come on. Usually once its cooled down for 20, 30 min, it starts right up, just not for long till it cuts out again

after replacing everything in power steering system pump,hoses rack and pinion and pulley air is still gettting in the system and bleeding the system doesnt work.

A sctflash hand programmer was hooked to my truck under steering column. It wasnt right for my vehicle now truck wont start and says to service 4wheel drive, trailer brake disconnected, etc. What can i do to get my truck started

Truck runs great but after 10 miles it starts jerking and looses power. So i have to pull over. It doesnt shut off and check engine light doesnt come on. Let it sit for 20 mins and its good to go for another 10 miles. Any ideas?

I have a friend with a code reader and it came up with P0133 for my truck. I am having a problem figuring out what this code is for. The dealer will not help me at all.

thay got mixed on me

put on new injectors and after an hour they have burnt out. New fuel pump, filter, and gas lines.

I bought this pickup with a brake problem. I changed the master cylinder and Booster, bled the system, and the pedal goes down to the floor still. The brake lights and ABS lights stay on. What do you think is the problem?

back and center console power outlet fuse location

when parking lights are turned off and key is removed from ignition park lights still stay on and have to disconnect battery cable to get them to turn off

On the gas pedal

I have a 2005 Dodge Durango 5.7 hemi and it's been shutting off while driving and idle. It doesn't happen all the time though. Also it hesitates sometimes on acceleration. Almost like it's running out of gas but I always have plenty of gas. Another issue is the check engine light goes on and off once and in awhile. We replaced camshaft sensor already but still have these problems. My mechanic can't seem to find any codes that would be causing this either.

Car will not go in park gear

My dash lights dont work and my tail lights dont work. I was hooking up lights and when all was said and done. The only lights that worked were my head light. And body have any ideas?

I have a p0420 code i do not have signs that engine is idling bad or running at lower power and i dont want to replace the catalytic converter if i dont have to

Replaced the fuel pump and then the crankshaft position sensor. Still having problems

Replaced coil still no spark, charged up battery and cleaned terminals, still crank but won't start.

2005 ram 3.7 it 45rfe trans.fluid not burnt no previous problems while going down road shifted to drive made a popping noise and quit pulling.changed filters and fluid won't go in gear makes noise as if torque converter us spinning when shut off engine.any ideas on cause

Just started 2 weeks ago now all the time while driving it