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when starting my dodge ram I have to step on the gas to start the truck when I did not have to step on the gas before. The CGlight comes on off and on whats causing or maybe causing this to happen?
Replaced water pump and thermostat.
I purchased a 2008 Dodge Nitro a month ago and it has broke down on me 3 times all with the same diagnosis, which was the electronic throttle control. The dealership says they put 3 new PCM'S and 2 new throttle assembly's and the 3rd time they had it they said it was a lose wire. I have my Nitro back but have noticed when i go to start it that the electronic throttle control warning light is the ONLY light that is not lighting up prior to starting vehicle. Could they have done something to disable it??
Going down the road my Durango will just shut off as if I turned it off.
When it is doing this, it will turn over, but won't start, and all the dash will go out, except the trip meter and it will show NO BUS in the window rather than the mileage numbers. I have had several of the sensors changed, new battery ends replaced, wiring traced, I am 1300.00 into this problem and it still is happening, and I have a good local company working on it for me.
Help...we own a 1999 and a 2003 Durango as well...I do not want to get rid of my truck, we love all 3. The 2000 has the 5.9 Magnum V-8, it is Auto trans, it is the SLT 4X4.
1995 intrepid no start sometimes until I get the sun shining on it with hood up for 10 min then it starts...(no joke). Then after driving 1/4 mile engine shuts off. I park it (on side of road) and then starts right up and is good rest of day. I do need to replace my battery..just a fyi.
Have replaced coil and plug wires also
Is this something I can fix myself to avoid expensive shop fees? Where would I look for solution & directions??
Why when ignition switch is turned. Panel lights come on then all go off engine doesNt turn over.
Ever since I bought the truck the heater hasn't worked. It makes no strange noises when running it just blows cold air. and the only setting that works is high. Truck is running at normal temp. antifreeze is full. Just recently when I turn it on it smells really strong like antifreeze. What's going on? How do I fix it? Thanks for the help guys.
My Durango starts the ticking noise on the right side loudest at start up, can barely hear it while you drive , sometimes you can't hear it at all while driving. Doesn't seem to effect rpms, or driving function ability at all.
98 dodge stratus v6 2.5L
Temp gauge is not working, hard start sometimes. Have to give it has to get it going. Black smoke at times. Fans aren't kicking on because the temp gauge is sitting on cold. I was told the alternator is bad and that it could be affecting the pcm or another sensor. Thoughts?
will not start without starting fluid changed out the high pressure fuel pump still needs start fluid
How I can install the u-connect sistem in my car and how repair the car plug
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