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my son was driving this minivan he said the rpms went up but would not go very fast engine light came on the p0700 code is the only thing that came up no other codes, what up?

engine light on diadnotic po700 what does this mean.what would the repair cost.

1990 Dodge Ram50 4WD with 2.4L 4 speed automatic transmission and the overdrive won't stay engaged. Swapped out the tranny solenoid and fresh fluid and filter, i thought the solenoid screens were clogged. It will shift into OD and stay for just a minute and then right back to drive and stay there. Any suggestions would be great. Thank You in advance, Jim

My transmission will not shift into 3rd gear.It is an automatic with autostick and we've replaced both the input and output sensors on it.It will go in every gear,drive,reverse etc.,but when I go down the road it shifts into the first two gears and then hesitates and slips back down to 2nd gear.

I have a 1990 Dodge Dakota with a 3.9 engine what do i set the Timing on it with a Timing light what Degree?

Interior utility lighting, such as the backlighting for the light switch and the power window window and door lock switches, stopped working.

Engine dies while driving at no particular time or mileage. Will not restart for many hours and sometimes dies after just a few miles. It has run for as long as half of the day but dies just the same. No 'codes' to zero in on the problem. Am beginning to feel that there's a hidden 'short' somewhere in the wiring harness'. Practically everything has been changed: Fuel pump, crank sensor, etc... Only 52,000 original miles as a result of this problem!

I am trying to replace my upper control arm, but the bolts hit the strut, do i need to remove the strut or is there and easier way to get those bolts off without removing everything else?

Truck stalls when I'm backing up. It doesn't stall when going straight back but if I'm turning in reverse it will stall. It starts right back up and drives in all other gears just fine. Transmission is automatic and the check engine light does not stay on. I have replaced the Throttle Position Sensor because I seen that as a possible cause in another forum but it did not fix the problem. Anyone have any thoughts?

heater blower motor fails to operate, where is the relay?

I had my oil changed about two weeks ago. My change oil indicator came on a few days later n is still on. Today i went to ger lunch n then walmart. When leaving walmart my check engine light came on. Will the change oil light being on so long make the check engine lighy come on?

I need to blow my horn

The key will not open the trunk it just started. Doing it almost over night. The seat dose.not have apass throw any ideas on how to get it open even if I have to completely change the lock... thanks any help would be nice

The Blk/Org Wire coming out of the ignition switch to the fuse box is overheating. Problem was discovered after power windows stopped working and having to jiggle the key to make it work. The wires continue to overheat when held together and operating the windows and blower motor either independently or at the same time. I changed the motor. Used a jump wire from the battery to the Blk/Org wire. Any other suggestions. This has had me baffled for over a year now. Your help would be appreciated.

where is it located at

When the truck is first started in the mornings, the rpm's initially go up to 2000 rpm's then slowly decreases.
Also, sometimes when I stop for a red light, the engine rpm's increase to approx. 1200 and then decreases slowly.

oil started pouring out looks like coming from above the trans where engine and trans come together how much$ should it cost to fix

Relating to kickdown band and low-reverse band, what does 32RH, 36RH, 42RH, 46RH and 46RE mean?

I just replaced the spark plugs, wires, distributor can and rotor in my 1996 Dodge Ram Van B3500. It starts but there is a vibration and an occasional clank with loss of power. I assume I mixed up the wire locations, but can't find a diagram to determine the problem.

Just bought this van a month ago and some mornings when you go to start it its fine no problems. and other mornings it will start and die and start and die like it wont idle. and than some times you can start it just fine let it warm up for a half hour and drive to the end of the drive way and stop and the van dies, the RMP's go to zero than have to give it gas to get it to start again and hold the gas pedel down. will idle if you put it in nutral (sometimes) any suggestion?? We put intake gaskets in it, a new tranny gasket and filter, and some type of EGR or ERG cylinode? which the vacume was leaking on and that was also replaced.

The heater on my 2005 dodge caravan takes a long time to heat once the vehicle is started. It blows cold air for 5-10 minutes before blowing hot air. Could the thermostat be the problem?

we've had a wheel sensor out for some time now I hit a bump and the esp/bas,abs, and traction lights are now lit up and and i wanted to know if you replace the abs module will that be it or is there more


tire leans outward creating pull to the left and excessive tire wear

no power to fuel pump

no power to fuel pump harness fuses good relay has power

When the car is running between 1000-1500 RPM's the heater blows cool air. Between 1500-2000 RPM's it can either be warm or normal and above 2000 RPM's the heater runs normal. Does any one know what that is and how to fix it?

leaky exhaust all the time

oil pressure drops at idle

speedometer works but odometer and tripometer dont