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Replaced the rotor and the brake pads. The vehicle is now slowing down while driving and the brakes are activating.
Having problems pumping gas.sometimes leakage. Please give me some information on this problem, and estimation
I'm trying to reset the gauge. It went to 130 when I removed the battery cables to clean them and the battery posts. Gauge is always on 130 now. How do I reset it? Thank you,
Both windows cannot be opened or shut.
I parked the car in the driveway. Five minutes later the car rolled down the driveway into the house. I don't understand what happen!!
when starting my dodge ram I have to step on the gas to start the truck when I did not have to step on the gas before. The CGlight comes on off and on whats causing or maybe causing this to happen?
Replaced water pump and thermostat.
I purchased a 2008 Dodge Nitro a month ago and it has broke down on me 3 times all with the same diagnosis, which was the electronic throttle control. The dealership says they put 3 new PCM'S and 2 new throttle assembly's and the 3rd time they had it they said it was a lose wire. I have my Nitro back but have noticed when i go to start it that the electronic throttle control warning light is the ONLY light that is not lighting up prior to starting vehicle. Could they have done something to disable it??
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